Happy New Year! This has been an amazing year for RVA’s Arts, Culture, and Community. And in turn, it’s been the best year ever for The Cheats Movement Blog. In fact, it’s been so awesome that I forget how much happened this year. The Cheats Movement Blog was all over RVA in 2013, covering events, hosting events, partnering with the RVA’s arts community, and doing our part to create a positive community environment.

A year that started with Epic Engagement at the Coalition Theater’s Richmond Famous: Cheats Movement Edition and ending with  a major event like The Return of RVA HOT SAUCE, I know The Cheats Movement has made our case to be more than just a blog but instead a real partner in the RVA’s arts & culture community. And make no mistake that’s the goal for 2014. The Cheats Movement doesn’t just want to be a leader in reporting events – the goal is to be an active part in creating positive community in Richmond. Operating at the intersection of Art X Culture X Community – The Cheats Movement will be there – forcing the mainstream to see the awesomeness that we see everyday – because WE SEE IT!

With no further delay – Part 1 of what makes the Cheats Movement Blog the staple that it is…you. Here are the best Cheats Movement photos from January to June!

20130105-The Cheats Movement was the guest at RCCs Richmond Famous in JanuaryThe crowd at January’s Richmond Famous: The Cheats Movement Edition – AKA Epic Engagement

13725_4045463746362_1473126141_nGetting it done – down on one knee at Gallery 5

20130104-RCC improv greatness - photo by Patience SalgadoThe Coalition Theater doing what they do best – photo by Patience Salgado

Slides-4An epic shot at Tuesday Verses (early January 2013) of JeRoyd Dyore Strother. JeRoyd past recently after this performance. I didn’t know him but really thought it was a special blessing to catch this show and be there with the Verses Family.

20130123-IMG_0498-2Hamilton Glass killed this mural at Binford Middle School in the fan.

550304_138513292979784_196764980_nIn February, The Cheats Movement teamed up with WRIR and delivered a part of Party for the Rest of Us. Our part featured: Ohbliv, YFD, and The New Juice Crew. This photo is by my homie Greg Gardner

20130201-IMG_0587-2The first show that I hooked up in 2013 with Ohbliv – one of a few in 2013.

20130201-IMG_0593-2My brother Doe Boy gave me a shout on his record this year – That’s crazy.

20130201-IMG_0617-2Love working with the YFD Fam, Artik Phreeze, Chris Haskins, Destiny Da Chef

20130201-IMG_0642-2BC Music First at WRIR

405606_10200329107247307_1049484196_n-1In 2013, I went one on one with grindaholic Octavion Xcellence – photo by Soul Live Media

IMG_2004My last photo of my homie Joe Threat at Face Melt with Lord Slugg – RIP homie.

20130302-IMG_1282Covering a house show with the homie Sleaze (JPS)

Slide Show 1-14-1Black Liquid tearing it down at a house show in March 2013.

20130428-Abner Clay Park-1Abner Clay Park in was one of my favorite spots in 2013 – Bike Polo and Hoops every Sunday.

Cover-1I work with HaBitS in April. They gave me the opportunity to direct their Inner Workings video. A great learning experience and a dope video!

20130413-IMG_3078 copyPartnering with the amazing Live at Ipanema series to bring in The Low Branches and Sam Reed One of our highlights of the year!

20130413-IMG_3055Sam Reed – Live at Ipanema – Cheats Movement Edition

SMR2Two of my favorite things coming together – Silent Music Revival and Wolf//Goat. Wolf//Goat was an amazing band. I hope they play music together again in the future.

IMG_3001Remember that time I covered and Immortal Technique show? You don’t…haha from my secret vault. S/O to Black Liq who opened the show.

Title PageCommunity fundraiser at The Roosevelt to benefit Sub Rosa in April 2013

20130408-IMG_2609A community eats together in support of Sub Rosa.


20130408-IMG_2633One of my favorite restaurants in RVA – The Roosevelt.

20130423-Bourdain FinalAnthony Bourdain in at the Landmark – April 2013

20130406-IMG_2421 copyBill Conference is RVA Un-conference. It’s really worth checking out.

Slides-1One of my favorite shots of Wren at Bill Conference.

20130410-Chalking the block with Art 180Art 180 and what they represent.

Full Slides-11BattleDecks was a hilarious improv event that took place a Ballicaux

20130405-obey cheats  001 copyShepard Fairey hit RVA in April 2013. S/O PJ Sykes for the photo

20130407-IMG_2489My favorite shot of Squirrel’s baseball in 2013 – I love those free shirts.

Cover (2)RVA Playlist is one of the best music blogs in RVA. Andrew throws one heck of a birthday party.

20130529-IMG_4665RVA Playlist Birthday Party at The Camel

Cover (3)RiverRock 2013

20130518-IMG_4263Toots rocking RiverRock before the bottle tragedy.

20130518-IMG_3732Love is all we need at RiverRock

20130503-IMG_3428The Wheel of Kindness made its debut in 2013. A great project from the kids at Art 180.Cover (5)

The great folks at Radio One (Community Clovia) gave me the opportunity to cover Stone Soul 2013. It was another star-filled line-up and wonderful opportunity.


Future at Stone Soul 2013

20130601-IMG_4963-1French Montana at Stone Soul 2013

Cover (4)ReBirth Brass Band at the National

Cover!Hanging with Foodies at Saison

Slide Show-13Wine Down at C’est Le Vin in the Bottom – featuring Zo of Foreign Exchange (with Adrienne Cole and DJ Prolific)

Concert Slides-3Underground hip hop was alive in 2013 – if you don’t know – just know WE SEE IT!

Cover 1 (2)Epic Fest 2013 was flat out amazing. Four days of great music representing the best of RVA’s urban culture. It was a pleasure to crush this event. Doing what The Cheats Movement does best.

20130629-IMG_6505Epic Fest 2013

20130629-IMG_6252Epic Fest 2013 – Octavion

20130629-IMG_6211Epic Fest 2013 – Rich P

20130629-IMG_6404-1Epic Fest 2013 -Radio B – Nick F

20130627-IMG_5990Epic Fest 2013 – Nick F & A-Plus

The Slide Show-15Epic Fest 2013 – And he rocks the mic…

20130629-IMG_6408Nick F & Michael Millions

20130626-IMG_5854Epic Fest 2013: HaBitS

Cover 1Epic Fest 2013: Ms. Proper

Stay tune for the 2nd half of the year that was for  The Cheats Movement Blog: Arts, Culture, Community. WE SEE IT!

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