Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe new year’s eve and will welcome 2014 in good spirits and filled with inspiration. The second half of 2013 was a serious balancing act for The Cheats Movement as we went full swing into covering events, hosting events, partnering with RVA’s arts and nonprofit community, and preparing for The Cheats Movement Epic Wedding.

The second half of 2013 saw The Cheats Movement reach new heights with groundbreaking interviews with Justin Bua, Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) and Baratunde Thurston (Fast Company), photographed legend like Rakim – which put the blog on the for the first time, and hosted The Return of RVA Hot Sauce – which was one of the best event of the year.

In addition to those events, TCM put in work at the RVA Street Art Festival and the Richmond Mural project, killed the Richmond Jazz Festival, photographed Mayor Jones’ press conference regarding baseball in Shockoe Bottom, shot a photo essay in the Dominican Republic, and teamed up with United RVA to form a positive response to flying of the Confederate flag on I-95 . Oh then there was Fall Line Fest, TEDXGraceSteet, The Light of Human Kindness, and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities celebrated 20 years of Connections Institute.

Bottom Line…if it’s happening at the cross sections of Arts, Culture, and Community in Richmond…WE SEE IT!

Final.joint (1 of 5)-22013 Cheats Movement Epic Family Photo – shot by Jay Paul. The Trayvon Martin verdict came out the same day we took this photo and it was a challenge to remain hopeful during the weekend but seeing all of these creative people in one place – all striving to make RVA a better place – it really gave me inspiration.

IMG_7201-1-14-1Richmond Mural Project – Etam Cru delivered the most talked about mural of this years series

Final.joint (1 of 1)-1EVER blessed Selba for the Richmond Mural Project

IMG_7040-1-9Aniekan Udofia came down from DC to do work in Jackson Ward.

IMG_7260-1-2The amazing Greg Mike tagged up my personal book of Tags at Elephant Thai

Slide Show-16-18Diamond Center returned to RVA to play Shannon Cleary’s Commonwealth of Notions Festival at Balliceaux

Slide Show-2 (2)-19One of my favorite bands of 2013 Lobo Marino plays upstairs at Gallery 5

Slide Show-2 (3)-20Baby Help Me Forget reunion show at Gallery 5

a & m love-62-22Ah man – Patience Salgado took our amazing engagement photos! She’s amazing with the camera!

IMG_7229-1All eyes were on RGII in Skins camp which came to RVA for the first time. Let’s just hope for a better season next year.Slides Show-11-10

New Orleans’ own Big Sam rocking the crowd at the Richmond Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival photo were some of the best of the year for TCM and were posted all over by the artist themselves.

Slides Show-44-13Terrance Blanchard at the Richmond Jazz Festival

Slides Show-29-12Highlight of the Jazz Festival being able to meet Robert Glasper (with my homie Lorna from Verses)

IMG_8397-6-5It was an honor to cover the revealing of the Darrell “Kleph Dollaz” Durant mural in Shockoe Bottom. The mural was completed by artist Michelle Ortiz and Kleph’s friends and family.

IMG_8329-5-3RVA’s Kindness Girl herself Patience Salgado embarked on the Light of Human Kindness Project in 2013. Partnering with Hamilton Glass and the Martin Agency, LOHK became a true community project with everyone pitching to make this groundbreaking mural a reality.

Light of Human Kindness Mural – Photo was taken from (not a Cheats Movement Photos)

IMG_8944-2Hense at the RVA Street Art Festival – GRTC Bus Depot on Cary Street.

IMG_6898-1-5My good friends at the Coaliton Theater open their own spot in the Arts District! The have improv shows every Friday and Saturday night.

Slide Show-10-16Petersburg’s own DOE the Paperboy teamed up with his friends Against Grace to perform a co-feature at the National.

Slides-27-14Jarrard Anthony is bring true independent soul music back to RVA in his monthly series Saturday Souls Session at the SpeakEasy in Jackson Ward. I was proud to be a guest for the show featuring Zo! of Foreign Exchange.

Slide Show-03The Cheats Movement was honored to be a part of the first ever Fall Line Fest. Black Liquid ripping it at LoveRVA

Slides-09Richmanian Ramblers performing at LoveRVA – day 1 of Fall Line Fest

Slide Show-31No BS! performing day 2 of Fall Line Fest at the Hippodrome

Slide Show-33-1Hanging with Fall Line Festival headliner Big Freeda the Queen Diva!

Slide Show-26Bar Codez of Photosynthesizers on stage at the Hippodrome – Fall Line Fest Day 2

B-Boy-1B-Boys came to RVA – The Works 2 B-boy and B-girl Jam at the Dogtown Dance Theater.

Slide Show-12Underground hip hop was alive – PT Burnem at Strange Matter


Oh yeah…during all of this — I got married! Photo by Nick Mastro

IMG_9195-5The Cheats Movement first international photo essay – Kids of the Dominican Republic – October 2013

over-the-edge5The Cheats Movement went Over the Edge for the Virginia Special Olympics – photo by Paige Stevens

IMG_9766-8The Cheats Movement’s most popular photo essay of the year was of the Shockoe Bottom Baseball Press Conference

IMG_9759-5Shockoe Bottom Baseball Press Conference

IMG_9792-16Shockoe Bottom Baseball Press Conference

IMG_9460-1-1Maya and Shaka Smart at their Press Conference to support FRIENDS RVA – a great family doing great community work.

cheats tedx-4-15Speaking about community at TEDxGraceStreet was one of my highlights of the year.

IMG_9573-68It’s a true pleasure to shoot A Giving Heart’s Thanksgiving Dinner. This was our second year shooting the event.

IMG_9700-1Meeting one of my hip hop heroes Rakim at Soul Logistic Radio’s anniversary show in Petersburg.

IMG_9688-1The Cheats Movement photos of Rakim made it to the – another step in the right direction.

IMG_9430-4One of my favorite photos of the year – Hot Dolphin lead singer Lindsey singing to Shannon Cleary on his Birthday at The Well.

994964_424811560981880_945424227_nBar Codez, Sam Reed, Radio B, W.I.L.L. on stage at Gallery 5 during RVA HOT SAUCE 2013. RVA HOT SAUCE was a very special event for The Cheats Movement – closing out an epic year. Despite the freakish weather – we proved that a diverse event like HOT SAUCE has a home in RVA. Photo by Kevin Solley

1467458_424811714315198_414415714_nJD Haze with the mic at RVA HOT SAUCE – photo by Kevin Solleyphoto 2-17

Epic Fail: My failed attempted at a pie eating contest for charity. It did not end well.


If it happens at the cross section of Art, Culture, and Community in Richmond… WE SEE IT! Wishing you a great 2014.

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