What up family! Happy 2014. I’m excited about the new year and the new music I’m hearing coming out RVA. So excited in fact that I’m bringing back the ever-popular Cheats Movement Music Club. The music club highlights dope music and videos coming out of the Central VA area – mostly RVA. Last year, I was getting so much watered down music that instead¬† posting all of it – I pulled plug and stop posting music club all together. But 2014 is a new year and I’m hearing great music and seeing some really amazing videos – so it’s back (for now).

To be consider for the club you must submit your music or video to: For the record, if you send me a video with you holding guns, doing drugs, or disrespecting women/men, it will not get posted. I’m not hatin on your vision – it’s just not the right fit for The Cheats Movement blog – take it to WorldStar – you’ll get more hits that way.

So with no further ado: Brother Manifest, Ben FM, & DOE the Paperboy — Welcome to the 2014¬† Cheats Movement Music club:

My dude Duron Chavis AKA Brother Manifest has just dropped a new mixtape called Snacks. The mixtape takes you through the grit of RVA’s Southside, personal struggles, and growth into being a responsible black man. For the track, The Stick Up, Manifest hooked up the Bez from HaBitS to destroy a Robert Glasper sample. Check it out.

The Stick Up-1

Brother Manifest ft. HaBitS – The Stick Up

Next up – my brother Ben FM. Ben FM has been taking some time off since the group Luggage stop rocking but he’s back strong for the new year. He’s been working on some experimental solo stuff and I “know” he’s got a crazy concept for his next record. He sent me over a few tracks…this joint SH*T WILD is produced by non other than Lord Slugg of The New Juice Crew Family!¬†Final Luggage Slides-15


Closing out the first edition of the Club is the dynamic duo of DOE The Paperboy (Petersburg) working back with video director Rob Roby AKA Soul Live Media for the video, Last 1’s Left. D.OE. and Rob hooked up in 2012 for some of the best hip hop videos I’ve seen produced in Central VA. They are back in 2014 and Rob is taking his video quality of work even higher. WE SEE IT!

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