Man! What a difference a week makes. I’ve been flooded with new music and videos for this week’s Cheats Movement Music Club. I’m really excited about what I have been hearing and seeing. Here is the deal, I’m only going to post about 3 songs a week and those songs curate to the club in a way that Cheats Movement shows are curated to highlight RVA’s vast diversity, a lot like a Cheats Movement’s live event.

If you want your music/video to be considered for the club, email me at: Now with no further ado: The Cheats Movement Club – January 13th.

First up is J Bizz ft. Radio BGreetings from Virginia. I’ve caught J Bizz preform at Stone Soul 2013 and at Epic Fest 2013. He’s on the grid and has a strong work ethic. Greetings from Virginia features my man Radio B. J Bizz was featured on Radio B’s Whole Foods cypher and Bizz is returning the favor.

J Bizz ft Radio B – Greetings from Virginia

J Bizz-1

Rain Song – The Low Branches Let’s switch gears and play the new tune from one of my favorite RVA bands The Low Branches. It’s just straight chill music. The Low Branches are playing Gallery 5 on January 19 with Jonathan Vassar and Rodney the Soul Singer.


JD Haze ft. Rodney the Soul SingerChurch St. My brother JD Haze hit me with the powerful video last year. Directed by Doug Evans, the Soul Logistics family unites to lay down a powerful song with message to the youth. I was honored to have JD and Rodney perform at RVA HOT SAUCE and look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Dank DRefined Over Time The homie Dank D has been spending time with the crew over at Gritty City. I think something good is rubbing off on him. Dank D put BC Music 1st behind the lens to capture the visual for Refined Over Time. I’ve spent some time in that same barber chair (when I first moved to the museum district). Dank D always seems to show growth. I’m sure he’ll keep up the grind.


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