The great music coming out of the RVA area is continues. In this edition of the Cheats Movement Music Club I got some of my favorite up and comers and a Cheats Movement Hall of Fame Inductee. This week’s club includes music from: Chance Fischer, DJ Harrison and Friends, F-Low, Ohbliv (HOF), and videos from Goldin and Mistrelle Branch. Welcome to the Club!

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I’m leading off with one of my favorite MCs, Chance Fischer. When I think of Chance’s music it’s always quality with an element of surprise. You never know what he’s going to do but it’s always on point and always clever. For the track, No Left Feet, he teamed up with Yankee from Charged Up Ent. to deliver smoother style.


Chance Fischer: No Left Feet (Produced by Yankee)

I’ve been all over the DJ Harrison and Friends album Polytone. I’m blessing you with a embedded track link off the album (go visit his bandcamp and pick up the album), the track is called Exhale in My Light, and I’m loving it. Soul vocals by Kelli Strawbridge (Big Payback) and I believe DJ Harrison’s Butcher Brown brothers play on the record as well. Polytone is all over the place with dope sound but there is no denying the groove.

DJ Harrison and Friends-1

Next up is a F. Low from Hot Bars Music Group. Always on the grind in the RVA area, F. Low just released a new mixtape, I Don’t Need A Deal 7. Check out the album on DatPiff. The track that I’m really feeling is Good Credit featuring Biggie Deaf and my dude Wize (S/O YFD).

F. Low-1

F. Low ft. Biggie Deaf X Wize: Good Credit

Hall of Fame time, I’m not going to drag this out, Ohbliv has been putting out quality – unbelievable work and reppin RVA for 10 years plus. And his work just keeps getting better and better. He has released albums all over the world and is started to gain momentum everywhere. Above that he’s is the most humble – down to earth – genius I’ve had the pleasure to be around. Since I started The Cheats Movement, has not only been a friend of the site and I’m proud to say a friend of my family. He just dropped a new album on his bandcamp Blk Love Frequency  BUT he dropped this jewel Devotional 1 on his SoundCloud (not on the album). He is Cheats Movement Club Hall of Fame true and through – RVA’s Mad Genius – Ohbliv.


Video time: I’m posting two videos from some up and coming artist in RVA: Misterelle Branch and Goldin have both been on the grind. I like both of these you men. I covered Misterelle Branch at a FaceMelt last year where he was one of the surprises of the night and I covered Goldin at Epic Fest last year. Both are making impression and representing the area with wit and rhymes with a message. Check them out.

Misterelle – Are World (dir. by D. J. Granger)

Goldin – End of Seagull (dir. by thebrowstonerz)

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