IMG_3866-5Photos by The Cheats Movement

I’m sure you are aware of the horrible attack that took place last November on Security Officer Jack Newsome. The brutal attack really rattled many of us in the arts community and the greater Richmond area. Of course, we were appalled by the cowardly display of those who jumped Mr. Newsome (for no apparent reason) and wanted  to take action to help Mr. Newsome’s situation and hopefully help the future of the Street Art Festival site, which has been closed since the attack. Well, in a bit of good news, the best of RVA’s community spirit shined through on Thursday as the RVA Street Art Festival presented a check for just over 8K for Mr. Newsome’s recovery.

The funds came from nearly 300 individual donors, organized through social media. The Cheats Movement had a very small (very small) part of the check presentation thanks to Nick Mastro Photography who donated two photos of the Street Art Festival site that were auctioned off at RVA HOT SAUCE on December 8, 2013. Those funds were added to the grand total.

A real community stands together! Thank you to all that contributed to Mr. Newsome’s recovery! WE SEE IT!

1059315_10152122380787039_1930832352_n-1Chillin with Jack Newsome – The Cheats Movement Family came through at RVA HOT SAUCE. S/O to Nick Mastro!

IMG_3863-3Jon Baliles championed this effort with Ed Trask, John Mills and the RVA Street Art Festival Community

IMG_3868-6Wherever there is kindness and goodness in RVA you’ll find Patience Salgado. He spirit is such a blessing to RVA.

IMG_3881-9A Community Stands Together

IMG_3889-10The money will go a long way for Mr. Newsome but it no way erases what’s he’s been through.


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