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Well here it is – TEDxRVA 2014 is taking over the November Theater on Friday, March 28th. This year’s theme is re_____. Basically start with (re) and fill in the blank: (re)do, (re)work, (re)lax, (re)lease…you get the point.

It’s been an exciting and new experience for me to be a part of the TEDxRVA planning team this year. Being a part of the process from the inside has definitely made a lasting impression on me. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot and gained a lot of respect for my teammates, many of whom have lived and breathed TEDxRVA from its inception.

But the fact remains with the event right around the corner, I have been asked a lot, “Cheats, Is TEDxRVA really worth the $100?”

Here is my answer…and it’s the most honest answer I can give: If you have $100 bucks at your disposal or even better if your company has $100 bucks to sponsor you to attend, then absolutely  it’s worth the $100…BUT – and more importantly –  if you don’t happen to have $100 bucks lying around, you don’t need it because there are number of FREE options for you to have an amazing TEDxRVA experience.

There are 10 viewing parties (all over the city) that you can attend for FREE and you can live stream TEDxRVA from your home computer for FREE. You can even join the TEDxRVA social media conversation on twitter and facebook for FREE.

So the better question is: Is TEDxRVA worth your time? And without a doubt – it is worth it.

I’m not just saying this because I’m more involved with the 2014 speakers (okay maybe I am a little bit) but this year’s speakers are diverse and dynamic. And there will be a great mix of local and national talent taking the TEDxRVA stage.

Reggie Gordon (Red Cross & Ujima Legacy Fund), Jesse Vaughn (14 time Emmy Award winning filmmaker) , Brian Shepard (CEO at UNOS), Mike Muse (Muse Recording), Duron Chavis (Happily Natural Day), Dr. Tawyna Pettiford-Wates (The Conciliation Project) , Amy Black (tattoo artist), Danny Avula (Richmond Public Health),  the list goes on and it’s amazing. All of the speakers above (and more) spark my personal interest and there are always a number of surprises when it comes to TEDx events.

My bottom line is: When it comes to TEDxRVA, most people find what they are seeking – if you are seeking reasons to be down or negative on TEDxRVA, I’m sure you can find something that you don’t like. But if you take a different approach and look at the entire line-up, if you take advantage of opportunity to attend a viewing party, if you get some friends around a laptop and stream a talk, or if you have the option of be in the November Theater, what I know is that you will find inspiration – diverse and dynamic talent – and a good use of your time.

Tickets are still available and all the information you need can be found at:

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