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Family, I have been invited to lead a breakout discussion on community at this year’s HYPE 804UM. It’s truly an honor for me to share a little about how I see community happening in RVA and how The Cheats Movement Family has shaped some of the changes I’ve  seen in Richmond’s community and culture.

HYPE 804UM is presented every year by the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. It’s geared towards getting young professionals involved in RVA on a deeper level than just going to work and going home. This year’s theme is Careers, Community, and Culture. Andy there are some amazing speakers scheduled to be a part of the day. My friends Prabir Mehta and Joel Erb will be leading breakout sessions at the same time I am on culture and career. Trust me, if I wasn’t obligated to be in my own session, I would be in either one of their sessions. They are both awesome guys – doing amazing things in RVA.

Ryn Bruce (Community) , Matt Williams (Culture), & Carrie Roth (Career) will lead the afternoon breakout sessions. I’m pretty sure Ryn will bring sweets to her session so that’s more than enough of a reason to attend. The dynamic dou of Need Supply, Chris Bossola (Founder) and Gabriel Ricioppo (Creative Director) are the keynote speakers.

The Hype 804UM is set for April 30th at the Science Museum of Virginia. You can purchase tickets now by clicking HERE. I hope you can join us for what I’m sure will be a fun and informative day.


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