7 days left to support the LOHK Bonfirefunds campaign. Click HERE and check it out…it’s a great cause for a great movement. We Are RVA – We Have Kindness Here! #WESEEIT

Inspired by social impact artist Patience Salgado and community conscious muralist Hamilton Glass, The Light of Human Kindness is joining forces with Jen Lemen, Taekia Glass and friends from Hopeful World to make our collective light shine even brighter.

Become a KINDNESS REVOLUTIONARY and join a growing movement of children, individuals and families who are creating a world that is more connected, hopeful and bright. We have the power to begin the next chapter as we create cities of sharing, developing technology infused with human compassion. Together we can shine new expressions of kindness in new ways and new places for the whole world to see.  The project is expanding into sharing of light, of making a difference, of moving into new places and spaces. Become a KINDNESS REVOLUTIONARY and help make the light shine bright as our next collective project takes shape.

The light is building. The community is growing. 500 people in the next 10 days. That’s the next step in the Kindness Revolution.
Will you be a Kindness Revolutionary?


Kindness Campaign

Photos by Patience Salgado

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