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It’s that time again, if you haven’t done so already, go out and pick up a copy of Style Weekly’s Best of Richmond issue. It’s always one of their best issues of the year. One of the biggest honors The Cheats Movement has ever had was being named 3rd best blog in RVA a few years ago. I wish Style would bring the best blog category back. So please understand that this post is no shade on Style Weekly. I respect their team tremendously. Besides most of their “Best” winners are the result of reader vote which means YOU are more responsible than Style. Well, not you exactly family because a lot of you are in the RVA hip hop scene or a follower of the culture.  But in the true spirit of The Cheats Movement I have to give even more love when it comes to hip hop so here is my take on the Style Weekly reader’s vote in the best hip hop artist/group category:

My first thought is congrats to FAMILY. Photosynthesizers and Black Liquid have been fam from the start. No one has rep’d The Cheats Movement more than Photos and Black. #Salute #WESEEIT. I don’t know Evan Barlow who was voted 3rd. I look forward to hearing his music. Similar to last year when I wasn’t familiar with Scuba’s music at the time he was voted in the top 3. I later saw Scuba perform at a Face Melt Friday and he was good. I hope the same for Evan Barlow. So congrats to him Evan if you’re reading this send me music:

But with that said , I can’t help to think that the Style readers missed a few RVA artists that have been putting RVA Hip Hop on the map, making new music, and being true ambassadors for the culture.

Here are my Top 5 RVA Hip Hop Artist Missed by Style Weekly Readers:

1. I have to start with Noah-O. Again, I know Style Weekly Sees It because they put him in their music issue and had him on stage for their Earth Day in Manchester. Noah recently released his latest album, “Monument Avenue” and it was the highest rated album ever reviewed on The Cheats Movement. Not to mention he just played Dominion Riverrock and just secured a deal for booking at Broadberry. He’s killing it for the culture right now.

IMG_5837-1Noah-O at Riverrock last weekend.

2. Nickelus F just tore down Strange Matter with his Vices show (S/O SHHO). And speaking of Vices – people are still going hard on that record but he also releaed PTPT and Yellow Gold 2 in 2013. His videos are crazy. I’m still mad I missed the show with Joey Baddass and not to mention that song he did last year with Drake in which he rep all of RVA. You can’t tell me Nick F is not a force to be reckoned with right now.

IMG_5144-13Nick F at Strange Matter

3. Nick’s AGM brother Radio B is 3rd on my list. Radio is still riding high off the buzz from his latest project, “Whole Foods.” He’s playing a diverse circuit right now – not just your traditional hip hop spots…he killed RVA HOT SAUCE, Tuesday Verses, and has made some moves in DC. Not to mention Radio is featured on both “Monument Avenue” and “Vices” – and his verses are crazy. The next level for Radio B is rocking a live show like Nick just did at Strange Matter. All in due time.

1471797_424811160981920_2126963748_nRadio B at RVA HOT SAUCE – photo by Kevin Solley

4. Drano. The Just Plain Sounds spitter is one my favorite RVA MCs. Everything he drops on his Soundcloud pretty much becomes my song of day. And his latest joints “Underpaid” and “94 Until Forever” are flat out two of my favorite tracks. It’s not just Style readers that are sleeping on Drano. Other MCs in RVA need to call him…Drano is like the boxer nobody wants to fight. Let him shine.

DranoDrano (Since Drano don’t do any show – I had to pull this from his FB Page – JPS Reunion Fall Line Fest)

5. Who’s rounding it out…I have so many more Chance Fischer, Fair, Dr. Millionaire, J Bizz,are all worthy and so are many more…Chi Chi is still doing his thing…Artik is working on his clothing movement…Gritty City Every Monday –  SwordPlay has been killing RVA with his new record and toured in Europe. Michael Millions, “Golds on the Bottoms” gets more play in my car than most singles ever do BUT I’m going to select Bravo as number 5. I think people carrying the touch for RVA hip hop deserve the shine ( And I see you Octavion..Epic Fest is coming –  you know I got you) but Bravo is my number 5 slept on because he’s gone out of state repping RVA hip hop and winning competitions (Converse X DTLR freestyle), and hanging with Sway. He’s also hosting battles and giving other MCs a platform to rock. Shout out to Bravo for his grind. BravoBravo at Face Melt Friday

Alright…I know that when you name names – you leave people out. No doubt somebody will feel like Kendrick just left them out of the control verse. It’s not that serious. If I don’t know you – send me your music at If I have you’re music just ask me what I think of it when you see me. But it’s love first always. #WESEEIT

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