As you know, I try to keep The Cheats Movement upbeat and positive in all aspects. With that said it doesn’t mean that this blog will remains silent when I feel an adjustments needs to be made. I proudly stood with Art 180 when the city mishandled their permit to display art work on Monument Avenue. And today, I’m proud to stand in support of The Camel as they urge City Council to amend the special use permit to allow them to play music until 2 AM.

I’ve attended a number of great show at The Camel and hosted a Cheats Movement event there earlier this year. It’s a great venue for all genres of music and if amending the permit will help their business survive. It is well worth it.

Below is the link to sign the petition to support The Camel. I hope you will join The Cheats Movement in supporting this effort.


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IMG_4635Black Liquid rocking The Camel

IMG_3876The Honorable Sleaze rocking The Camel

IMG_4665Photo from RVA Playlist 3rd Birthday Party

IMG_5052-1Underground at The Camel

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