Senator Tim  Kaine was Beau Cribbs first guest on RVA Tonight

Words by Beau Cribbs – Host of RVA Tonight – Photos by Cheats

About two months ago, I went to lunch with the Coalition Theater’s Matt Newman and told him about a seedling of an idea I had: to produce Richmond’s only live late night talk show.

Other cities across the country have these sorts of shows, so we certainly wouldn’t be the first, but this was something that I thought would not only fill a void in the comedy scene in town, but would also be something that people would latch onto. Everybody knows what Conan O’Brien or Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman’s shows look like, so why not do it with a certain twist on the goings-on in RVA?

What resulted from this first conversation was RVA TONIGHT, a nearly 90-minute variety show that premiered on June 6 featuring a dozen performers, great live music, fun with an interview guest, and an unannounced special appearance by a United States Senator.


It was almost surreal to have the show itself come and go so quickly, because it was a result of nearly 7 weeks of writing, rehearsing and brainstorming with some wonderfully creative people.
Make no mistake: this was truly a team effort, and it’s a testament to how fantastic the folks at the Coalition Theater are. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a ton of credit to all of the performers/writers, some of which i had never actually met before the first time we all sat down to discuss the first show: Zane Adickes, Anne Arntson, Josh Blubaugh, Dee Demetriadis, Shamoniki Ellison, Eric Gordon, Katie Holcomb, Grace Manno, Matt Newman, David Pijor and Morris Reese.


In addition, our first show owes a ton of our success to the guests that agreed to be on, despite our not actually having done this before. We were a blank slate and Doug Orleski, Dixon Cashwell and Kelli Strawbridge were game for just about anything we threw at them.


Kelli Strawbridge and friends backed up the show with amazing soul music

Finally, an enormous, heartfelt thank you everyone that came to the sold-out show (many of whom were in the beautiful Coalition Theater for the first time) and to my old pal Tim Kaine for dropping by to surprise everyone — including most of the show’s writers/performers. We’ll be starring in a buddy comedy film next summer.

Friday’s show was some of the most fun I’ve ever had and even though it sounds daunting and exhausting and time-consuming, I can’t wait to do it again.

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