IMG_8025-13Words & Photos by Cheats [Above Chaz French mobbin during Farma Wesley set at the Broadberry]

Epic Fest 2014 is officially a wrap. Congrats to the Slapdash team for pulling off their most ambitions and successful Epic Fest. Every venue that I went to was a success. The Cheats Movement Blog hit several spots during the week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out on Wednesday or Friday but with the number of cameras posting on twitter and instagram…I know those events were successes. But let’s get to the Cheats Movement photos. I have classic photos from both Thursday at Gallery 5 and Saturday from the Broadberry. All of the photos will be on The Cheats Movement Facebook page. So don’t front – go to the facebook page and “Like” the page. Show your support. The Cheats Movement is doing huge things for the creative culture in RVA. If you have new music – send it my way at Send me your Soundcloud, art work, etc. We’re all in this together fam. #WESEEIT

IMG_7964-3Super Nike Nando at the Broadberry

IMG_8045-15Yung Yankee – Charged Up Ent. at the Broadberry

IMG_8092-20Classic Photo:  Phil The Thrill at the Broadberry

IMG_8035-14Kevin Sinatra at the Broadberry

IMG_7965-4Class Reunion Muzik at the Broadberry

IMG_8119-26Brandun Deshay at the Broadberry

IMG_7698-4Luck One at Gallery 5

IMG_7724-9Ezko & J.A.P.A.N. Dot at Gallery 5

IMG_7805-18The Teleport Team at Gallery 5

IMG_7843-22Ms. Proper at Gallery


Elmo at Gallery 5

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