IMG_7901-1Much love to the family over at the Coalition Theater. They celebrated 5 years of making people laugh last weekend with four amazing shows. I’m looking forward to the next 5 years (and more). If you haven’t been to a show at their new theater, please go. It’s amazing! The Coalition Theater have live improv shows every Friday and Saturday night at 8 W. Broad Street, in the Arts District. They also offer wonderful improv classes.  Click HERE for details.

IMG_7940-1Erin and Katie making people laugh.

IMG_7907-1Live improv comedy at the Coalition Theater every Friday and Saturday night.

IMG_7886-1Hi Aaron!

IMG_7883-1Hi Jim! Check out that Coalition Theater tattoo!

IMG_7931-2Joey got invited to the Coalition Theater Prom during the show!


Check out the Coalition Theater website for more information and follow them on social media! #WESEEIT

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