Yo….Tonight is the last Afro Beta at the Nile Restaurant. The Nile will be closing on July 13th. Afro Beta is a unique sonic event that brings together live drums and dope beats – produced by the one and one Mikemetic (S/O NATIVES). It goes down tonight at 11 pm . The address is: 309 N. Laurel Street. While the Nile is going away, Mike is committed to keeping the energy of Afro Beta alive. Here is the message from my brother Mike:

It’s time for the Children of the Sun to have the final gathering of the Tribes at The Nile for Afrooooo Betaaaa!!!

It’s been an amazing 5 years so it’s only proper that we bang it out in true AB fashion with all of the usual good vibes and great people that have made the event so special over the years. Come bang a drum and get live with us one more time to send the Nile family off in good spirits.

While Afro Beta in it’s current form will be going away, the event is no different from any other universal force in that the Energy never dies. It only ebbs and flows in and out of various states of consciousness so this energy WILL be back so stay tuned and come catch a dose this Saturday night!

Live Drums • Deep Grooves • Fly Peoples • Global Vibes


Afro Beta

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