IMG_4310(1)Words by Cheats – Photos by Sam Dixon: (Above) “ill Shot” Sam Dixon from the Feast RVA Happy Hour

I’m always on the  discovery for new photographers in RVA. I call them “ill Shots”. Last month, I ran across some amazing photos from “Sundown at Scuffletown” featuring The Trillions, shot by Samuel Dixon Photography. A few weeks later, I Samuel Dixon Photography was back at it with some amazing photos from the “Feast RVA” Happy Hour at The Love Bomb. It didn’t take long after that for me to discover Samuel Dixon Photography’s website and blog.

Sam is a Richmond-based photographer that does it all: weddings, portfolio work, street style, etc.. His body of work is sick. His photos capture moments in a way that is lively and authentic. By nature, I’m drawn to street style photography so I absolutely love his blog page. He’s got a great eye and is very strong in post production. Check out Sam’s work at: http://samueldixonphoto.com/ and on Facebook. He’s klling RVA right now with great work. Contact Sam through his website for boooking.  #WESEEIT

Are you an ill Shot photographer? Email me at: TheCheatsMovment@gmail.com – but for now, more from Samuel Dixon Photography.

ScuffletownScuffletown Park

Steady SoundsSteady Sounds

IMG_4154Josh Small and Andrew Alli at the Feast RVA Happy Hour


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