I’ve been hearing a lot about the Common Good RVA Conference – S/O to Erik over at City Church for taking the time to explain to me a little about the conference last month. Now, I’m seeing that the conference is really starting to come together. NO BS! Brass, Patience Salgado, Hamilton Glass, Shola Walker, WPA Bakery, are all involved so far…and more coming. I think you should consider registering and coming through for some Common Good. Conferences like this will work…and there will be real good that comes out of them BUT what makes a conference like this – a community based conference – go from good to “transcending” is  the diversity in its make up. Diverse people, new energy, stir it up like gumbo. #WESEEIT

A two-part conference exploring how we can work for the common good of Richmond in our everyday lives. Featuring Skye Jethani, Executive Editor of Leadership Journal and author of Futureville.

Friday, October 3
A public exploration of the common good
5pm – 10pm at the Virginia Historical Society

Saturday, October 4
A deeper dive into faith, neighborhood, and vocation
8:30am – 3pm at the Early Center at Union Seminary

Visit: for details

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