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I got word from my dude, Swordplay, that he and his friend/fellow musician P.T. Burnem, hooked up with their friend/fellow musician Erik Akers on a new project called “D R O N E S.” D R O N E S is a split 12” limited edition vinyl being released on September 29th with Florida-based singer songwriter Rickolus on the French record label, Dora Dorovitch.

I sent a few question to the team to get some solid feedback on D R O N E S:

What was the catalyst for you, PT, and Erik to come together and work on this project?

Isaac: As I remember it, I was working on some guitar parts, and PT who lives across the hallway, came into my room one day with the perfect matching vocal melody for this song about drones. And awhile ago, I had done an acoustic folk-rap project with my friend James P Honey, that was such fun, just the two of us sitting around with a microphone in between our guitars and babbling. So I asked PT if he wanted to do something like that, but about drones, and with a droney sound. PT said of course, but there would have to be some digidelics in the sound. Our friend Erik we hang out with a lot is also a super talented musician. According to him, he wanted to be in the group from the beginning but didn’t want to ask. So we asked him.

What can people expect from “D R O N E S”?

PT: You can expect the beat making prowess of a PT Burnem project, combined with the melodic sensibilities Swordplay usually puts in. Expect those elements to be augmented exponentially by Erik’s contributions on electric, classical and bass guitars. Vocally, there is the precise syllable flows typical to our solo projects, surrounded by a more droning tone of verses, honed and meticulously crafted in late-night back and forth sessions between two seasoned writers.

The project is a little different than what I think of when I think of Swordplay and PT Burnem. By default, I think of true hip hop bars, with a message, D R O N E S is on a different vibe. Was that natural or by design?

Isaac and PT: Well, by design, it’s not just Swordplay and PT Burnem. Erik adds another layer of musicianship, and as a group, we are purposefully going for a droned out, more spacey sound. We’re using the same tools we’ve always used though, and there’s still the same syllable work and basic message that we put into our more rap sounding stuff, but it’s not an aggressive, fast paced rap with punchlines, it is way more sad than that. It’s more somber, with more soul. That might be a sign of age, for us as individuals, or for hip hop too, if people want to look at us as a hip hop project.

On September 29th, D R O N E S is releasing their first album as a split 12″ limited edition vinyl with Florida-based singer-songwriter Rickolus. It’s available for listen and pre-order from Dora Dorovitch now: doradorovitch.bandcamp.com 

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