Black LiquidThe hardest working man in RVA hip hop is “BLACK.” That’s right, Black Liquid is “black” with a brand new project. Black Liquid uses inspiration, quotes and samples from the one and only Fiona Apple to create his latest body of work. The project is bananas for a number of reason – let’s get right to it: I don’t know Fiona Apple but from what I know of her, I think she would really like Black Liq. They just seem to be cut from the same cloth. So I think it’s fitting that Black used Apple and her music as his muse. Overall, I think this is the most focused Black Liquid project I have ever heard. This project runs in an order that I truly understand and the composition of the record is really good for the average listener to appreciate. The record opens with one of his strongest tracks, “Can’t Be” produce by Sleaze. “Can’t Be” delivers the classic Black Liq feel but again it more controlled, more organized, and frankly, with better rhyme flow. Sleaze was on his job with the track and “Can’t Be” really is a great opening/title track for the entire album.

“Can’t Be” produced by Sleaze

The next track that stands out to me is, “Show Business” produced by DJ Gringo. I’ve heard this track performed live a few times and was pleasantly surprised with the final album version. Gringo changed up the sample and made it more party friendly. You can really hear Black’s growth as an artist on his track. Again, he displays much improved lyrics and rhyme flow over a compelling beat.  This should be a single for sure.

“Show Business” produced by DJ Gringo

Black gets uncharacteristically deep on the Lord Slugg produced track, “Misunderstood.” You can really tell that he is channeling his inner-Fiona, rhyming about love and relationships. He continues that level of intensity on a few other tracks, “Me” & “Listen.” And all of these songs are produced by Slugg. I’m not use to this tone from the duo of Liq and Slugg. And honestly it made me a bit uncomfortable…BUT those songs are the first Black Liq songs that really made me reflect and think of his journey. I don’t think that formula will work in the long run because I don’t listen to Black Liq for love, relationship, and refection songs but it’s something that he needed to get out creatively and this project is a good vehicle for that.

Ant the Symbol got on his job on the track, “Chance is a Choice.” Black got back in the pocket with this song that touch on his opportunity and growth as an MC and a person. “Monster” produced by Lord Slugg and “Harder” produced by Sleaze round out the 10 track project.

I rate this album: Black Liquid X Fiona Apple –  3.9 out of 5 mics.

Black Liquid show tremendous growth and range on this project. “Show Business” and “Can’t Be” are the two tracks that give you the classic Black Liquid feel, and in my opinion, they are two of his best tracks, ever. The slowed down, introspective, Black doesn’t work as well for me, though I think those tracks are some of his most personal songs.  They slow down the energy and don’t play to Black’s strengths as an MC. Overall, it worth the download, worth the listen, and worth your feedback. Comment to me at:

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