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The fall is here and that means new RVA hip hop releases! This one is a bit special, my homie Ben FM just dropped a new record but it’s a combination of new and old material. The 15 track album is called, “World Peace Mother……” Yes, I’ve censored the title – this is family site people. The former Luggage spitta delivers some real classic material on the Gritty City release. The first thing that stands out to me is the production, Ant The Symbol – who has been on his job lately…he’s on Black Liquid’s new record, he did an album with Distant Dee, and now this album…S/O to Ant the Symbol. Other production that really killed it on World Peace: Lord Slugg, Dragonspit, Chadwick, and my dude Fan Ran all get it in. Fan, that Laa-Dee-Dah track is crazy.

What I really like about Ben FM as an MC is that – he knows who he is and he knows who he’s not..and he plays to his strengths. He’s smart, he’s witty, he’s funny, and he has bars but he’s not trying to be the best lyricist in the room. He’s not trying too hard. And you leave from hearing his records with a good impression that…he’s a nice MC, that can hold his own. And I think that’s what’s he shooting for – or that’s what comes across to me.

Ben FM likes to party and his best songs are ones that you can play at a party…like, “Hurry Up” produced by Bobby La Beat. It’s a party record with a party beat but with witty/smart lyrics. “Sh**” Wild” produced by Lord Slugg (TNJC) is a party record, and one that has you singing the hook instantly. But again, Ben comes with that crazy flow: “Me and Slugg on some Wilder sh**/I’m Gene/He’s Doug/We some Wilders…get it.” Real talk – Ben FM is in that pocket of the De La or the Beastie Boys right when they really got serious about hip hop “Paul’s Boutique” days. He fits into that elk and there are not too many RVA MCs that delivers that type of flow. I would have liked to heard more of the Gritty City Family on this record but I know more work is coming. And there are a few songs on World Peace that are throw aways…and while that will hurt the overall score of this record, I won’t hold it against Ben too much as this is definitely a system cleansing album before the new material  really floods the streets.

With that said, there are a number of good tracks, the aforementioned, “Laa-Dee-Dah, Sh** Wild, Hurry Up, along with “WTF?”, Heavenly Glory” and “Bad Habits.” I am feeling. There are probably five tracks too many on World Peace so with everything consider

I rate the album: 3.8 out of 5 mics. It’s defiantly worth a listen.

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