Peter $Sun

Shout out to entire HippiesNGoonz Movement. Peter $un has been making moves in 2014 and I’ve enjoyed learning about the movement and listening to his music. “Awa Maru: Side A” is his latest release. The 6 track EP that serves as a sampler of what’s to come in the future. Experimental hip hop, is the term I’d use to describe “Awa Maru.” Peter $un’s entire sound, groove and flow is in a different lane for RVA hip hop. While the sound is not popular among other RVA hip hop artists, that doesn’t mean it’s a new sound in hip hop overall. I’m old enough to remember the southern (Texas style) mixtapes that inspired more recent movements like the A$AP Mob to bring that sound to a younger audience with songs like “Purple Swag” and “Peso.” At times “Awa Maru” sounds like an old UGK mixtape, at times a Kid Cudi record, at times A$AP, but I’m not mad at that. I think Peter $un is finding his sound and more importantly, he has dope songs. “Drunk in Vegas II” & “Untitled (Demo)” are dope songs. “Django (Reworked)” & “Pedro’s Excerpts (Demo)” are just a cut below…which makes them really good songs. Overall “Awa Maru” is really good project and unique enough that I’d recommend it to anyone that loves hip hop – a bit of EDM – a bit experimental – and psychedelic music. The project has way more range than the standard EP. I really like when $un drops true hip hop bars over these non-traditional beats – that’s why I like “Untitled Demo” so much…he goes in with true hip hop bars. There needs to be a good balance of solid hip hop bars versus the more R&B type tracks on the full album – but again, I think $un will find that groove. And when he does, he has the potential to really deliver a special album. My only concern is that I’ve been around hip hop long enough to know that this waves of experimental hip hop may end…could be a few years…could be a few months – though I doubt it with PND (and others) killing it. If the timing is not right…the sound may go unrecognized and that would be a shame. While I have to downgrade the score a litte because it’s a 6 track EP which is easier to make solid than a full album and also all of the tracks are not original for this project which again makes it a little easier to make solid – I rate the project a 3.9 out of 5 mics. And I hope to hear more music (a full album of new work) from Peter $un in 2015. #WESEEIT To submit music for review email The Cheats Movement at:


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