The letter you are about to read is from the future…written by a very successful Marc Cheatham AKA Papa Cheatham to and equally successful and down right awesome “little” Cheatham. Everything in this letter will happen and if it doesn’t…don’t blame us..You’ve been warned. #WESEEIT

What’s up kid:

Did I ever tell you about the time I saw NO BS! Brass Band play a “secret” show in a random garage? The year was 2014, a few days before you were born. This was way before I sold The Cheats Movement and your mother and I built the Gilpin Mansion. You may not believe this but Gilpin didn’t always look like it does now…it was actually the largest public housing project on the east coast…but that’s not the point of this story.

You remember our friend Reggie? Way before Reggie replaced Questlove as musical director of the Tonight Show (with Beau Cribbs) he was in a band called, NO BS! Brass Band. They were very popular and played shows all over Richmond. Ha, back then everyone was calling Richmond, “RVA” – you remember that? No BS! had a huge following – they were packing shows all over town but this ONE time I saw them play in a random garage – with just a few special friends.

IMG_9462Reggie (background) way before he replaced Questlove

It was kind of crazy how the show came about, what iPhone number are you on now? Hell if I know – but back in 2014 the iPhone 6 had just come out. Get this – your mother went to bed at 11 PM and set the alarm for 3 AM – just so she could wake up and order the new iPhone…crazy right. Anyway, I was still using my 5 and my friend Paul (from Richmond Grid) texted me and told me about the garage party the day before. It was going to be at the end of the RVA Scavenger Hunt. Your mother was pregnant with you – or was it your sister – I can’t remember – No, it was you…so she was not there. Actually “we” weren’t even supposed to be in town but Doctor Jefferson told your mother that she could not travel because she was due any day. And trust me – we all were on high alert – both grandmothers were on speed dial (yes we still used speed dial); Auntie Mel and your cousins were all so excited…it was wild.

I was texting people and messaging them on Facebook to help Paul spread the word about the “secret” show. This is before the NSA shut all that stuff down and Facebook got hacked. Anyway, when I got to the “secret” garage I remember that the crowd was pretty small. I remember thinking to myself, I know this is a private party but really Richmond. But in classic Richmond fashion – the crowd came late, the craft beer flowed (S/O to Hardywood), and we all had a great time.

IMG_9453Ms. Judy brought your Kindness Revolutionary onesie to the gig – funny how that worked out now right

IMG_9456The TEDXRVA team won the Scavenger Hunt! Can you believe it was only the 2nd year of TEDXRVA…wow. Your talk was great by the way.

At the end of the day, another special moment was created in that garage. There was great music, solid beer, and family love. The Mighty Synthesizers weren’t even a real band yet….we was all just friends. As you know they later formed a super group and won that Grammy for Record of the Year. But again, that is another story for another day.

IMG_9475Before their Grammy…The Might Synthesizers (Nickey, Bar Codez, Sam, and Joshua) with Maat Free (far left) before she started making films


Our friend Ed and his lovely wife were there that night.

Alright man…I have to run. Hit me back and let me know how things are going. Call your mother. We love you.

Papa Cheats

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