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The first time I saw Chaz French was during a performance at Epic Fest 2013. He about destroyed the stage – matter of fact – there wasn’t much of a stage at that performance – so in turn he just ripped the performance – mostly standing in the front of the crowd. I wasn’t familiar with his music, at the time, but could tell from the energy in his set that he held a certain type of star quality. With the release of his debut EP Happy Belated the DMV MC now has a body of work that matches his star potential. Happy Belated is a dope project. One of the best musical projects I’ve heard coming out of the DMV this year. What shines on the EP is Chaz’s range. It doesn’t matter if it’s a turn up song like “Came Down” or an introspective track like “Primavera” Chaz shines all through Happy Belated with his rhyme flow and melodic tone. In addition to range, the other thing that shines on Happy Belated is the honesty in Chaz’s content. From the opening track “Intro” you know right away that Happy Belated is Chaz’s Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z), his College Dropout (Kanye West), and what I mean by that is those albums were not just transformative albums for hip hop, they were transformative albums for those individual artists because they put their lives, up to that point, into those debut albums. That’s exactly what Chaz does with this EP. This is a documentary of his life, nothing is off limits. And his honesty pays off on just about every track.

My favorite tracks on Happy Belated are: “Intro”, “Came Down”, “YNN”, “Drugs” “Primavera” and “LMGLML”. The production is worth noting. Hovey Benjamin, Super Miles and Kris Minor really made an imprint on the project. Overall, this record lives up to the anticipation. I look forward to seeing what’s next for Chaz French.

I rate the album at 4.7 out of 5 mics. #WESEEIT

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