The Climb

The Climb is finally here. And just in time, RVA’s hip hop community has been waiting for this one.  Earlier this year, Radio B blessed us with Whole Foods and to be honest, he could have just taken the rest of the year off and continued to push that project.  But, to his credit, Radio B didn’t rest on the growing success of Whole Foods, he’s already back with some of his hardest – most lyrical – rhymes to date in The Climb. And by dropping The Climb in 2014, he is proving to everyone ( RVA and beyond )  that his passion for the game is at a all time high and he’s determined to be one of the best MCs ever to come out of Central VA.

The Climb is a collaboration between Radio B and Russian producer Chiveer. Chiveer produced the entire 12 track EP that runs just over 25 minutes. The tracks are gritty  – more gritty than Radio’s previous work, I credit Chiveer for that, and the rhymes are much harder, I credit Radio for that.  “Gem Star Rap is a microcosm of the EP. The beat is gritty and the rhymes are vicious. Radio talks that true hip hop talk.  Yet, I  consider the song a slow burn. I had to really hear it about 5 times before I really started to understand that yes, it’s lyrically one of Radio’s best song ever. He’s almost too lyrical at times — but I miss that in hip hop. Chiveer challenges Radio and in turn Radio challenges the listener. I really love the dance of The Climb.

“Barron Lands” has that Jay-Z “PSA” feel with the cadence, ” Now hit them N— with that real S—-,” could easily fit as a music video addition to “Gem Star Rap” and a live show killer. “For Cheats” — okay I’m a bit bias but he truly gets his East Coast – NYC – back pack rhyme flow on — in the spirit of AZ, I just love the track – “We do it for the love.”  “Ball of Inequities” is one of the more personal songs on the EP but in spirit of The Climb it’s not a woe is me track by any means – Radio is still talking that talk even while rapping about some of the difficult things he’s been going through of late.

Barron Lands – by Radio B X Chiveer

For Cheats – by Radio B X Chiveer

The title track, “The Climb” is one of my favorites on the EP. “Richmond – Where they argue all day about who’s the best MC Radio, Nick, or Mike” – S/O to the entire AGM camp. Radio has pick up the flag on the title track ‘The Climb” and is throwing down the gauntlet in a true hip hop way for others to challenge.

The Climb  – by Radio B X Chiveer

Scoring The Climb is not easy – for one reason – Radio is a victim of his own 2014 success. The Climb is a different project than Whole Foods and should not be judged on the same scale — but as a blogger/journalist/critic/and fan – I do stack them side by side — even if it’s not fair or intentional – the scoreboard does what the scoreboard does. I think The Climb is truly a home game for Radio B- like the Knicks playing in the Garden during the Pat Riley years. What I mean by that is he’s very comfortable rhyming over hardcore hip hop beats – and  Chiveer produces just that – flawlessly. The chemistry is real and Radio does some of his best work on The Climb. No matter what – they should continue to work together because they have something special.  The tracks are shorter –  which makes the overall project short.  It’s a true EP. That along with the fact that there is not a lot of range/diversity in the type of tracks produced are really the only hits I have for the project. The Climb is exactly what Radio and Chiveer inteded it to be — it actually may be better than they anticipated being it’s the first time they’ve worked together. RVA hip hop needs this record because it fills a void that hasn’t been there in 2014. I score The Climb a 4.3 out of 5 mics. With that said, You put The Climb together with Whole Foods, and Radio is really making a push to be the best Central VA hip hop artist of 2014.

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