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Well it’s true what they say about music reviews… styles makes reviews and all reviews (and reviewers) are bias. I lead with that prefix because I want everyone to know that I too have preferences, and my preferences happen to be – rhyme skill,  lyrical content, wordplay, and beats/production – but first and foremost rhyme skill AKA BARS. Can you really stand and deliver  quality rhymes? So in my opinion Biggie is (and has always been) a superior MC than 2Pac. I understand Pac’s style and social impact on hip hop culture but when it came to who was a better rapper, who made better songs, and straight hip hop BARS — I roll with Biggie.

I think the 2Pac reference is a fitting in the case of an artist like Bigal Harrison; not really because of the lyrical content but because of the package aspect of the artist. I’ve been following closely what CONTROL Ent. has been doing in RVA and I’m a fan. I’m impressed with Bigal Harrison for a number of reasons. The first is that he will rhyme anywhere. I’ve seen him jump on stage at the Fall Line Fest open mic and I know he’s an MC that will stop on a dime and spit, I respect that. I also respect what he’s done on his second EP Young Legend. He has put in a lot of work to craft the entire package not just the music.

I think the title tack “Young Legend” embodies my assessment of the album. It’s a catchy song with a sold beat. When you add the video, directed by The BrownStonerz ( BrownStonerz Whadup), then you really get the sense of Bigal’s package – the swag, the styling, etc. And I think you need to see  that to fully understand his movement. That is a good and bad thing. It’s good because Bigal has a star quality – no doubt – he can be a star in the music industry. He has the “it” factor that every star needs. But there some bad there because if you don’t see the full package – the video – live show – the swag – then I think you’re missing a huge part of what he brings.

Young Legend is a well constructed project. It’s 18 tracks with features from Goldin (Goldin Whadup), Kier, Duce, Victory Harrison, Innascent, Dutchy Diniero, and EliBoii. There are a number of producers on the album but Treelo is the producer that stands out to me. My favorite tracks on the project are “We Major” ft. Goldin and “Real” – with “The Greatest – sneaking in there.

“Real” produced by Treelo…

There is no surprise that I like the songs where I feel Bigal really got busy with the rhymes. I think a lot of people will really like “Young Legend” and “Po It Up,” they are good songs; songs that when you put visuals to them makes the circle is complete, but neither one of those songs display a ton of lyrical talent. But neither does Genesis’s “Coco” or A$AP’s “Peso” and they bang in the club right …no way around it. If I’m Bigal, I get detailed visuals for “Po It Up” and maybe “The Greatest” because I think those songs work the well with the story he’s telling.

I have no doubt that Bigal Harrison can be a star. I think Young Legend is a solid album. I rate the project a 3.8 out of 5 mics. I look forward to seeing what he and the entire Control Ent Movement has coming for 2015.

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