Happy New Year Family! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday. The “RVA” Hip Hop Scoreboard is back for 2015. There will be a tougher grading scale this year. With the large number of RVA projects I plan to review, I will keep the guidelines of the Scoreboard short. Only projects that are relevant to the RVA hip hop community will be reviewed. Also, only projects released in December 2014 or the year 2015 will make the 2015 Scoreboard. The Scoreboard rates on a 5 mic system – and it will be much tougher this year:

5 mics is a Cheats Classic,

4.5 mics is a crazy album.

3 mics is average.

2 mics needs work.

If you rate lower than a 2, trust me…it won’t get reviewed on the site.

Before I get into the 2015 “RVA” Hip Hop Scoreboard, allow me briefly to give out a few 2014 Cheats Movement Awards. The Cheats Movement”RVA” Album of the Year goes to Charged Up Ent’s own Noah-O. Noah-O X Taylor Whitelow’s Monument Avenue held the top spot on last year’s Scoreboard since it was released. It was a great project that deserves recognition. I also want to acknowledge Chaz French from his debut project Happy Belated that finish the year in the number 2 spot. I know you’ll be hearing a lot from both Noah and Chaz in 2015. Finally, I want to acknowledge AGM’s Radio B, the only artists that made the 2014 Scoreboard twice last year with his project Whole Foods (#3) and The Climb (#5). If you want to hear more of my year end thoughts, check out the Beats and Breakfast podcast. I was  guest of B-Rice and we talked all things end of the year in Richmond.

So now who will make their mark in 2015? We start with 2 projects on the list:

— JUNNY “RED ROSES” 3.5 – Click here to read the full review.

— GODLIN “ADVENTURES OF POLO ROGERS 2” 2.5 – Click here to read the full review.

To submit email: TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com. New reviews every week. Note – If your project is not reviewed by The Cheats Movement is not eligible for the Scoreboard.

Please note that the Cheats Movement is dedicated to uplifting the RVA hip hop scene. This is not a site that will engage in negativity. We only review records that we like – respect – and want other people to hear. The scores are the honest reflection of one person – me. If your record makes it to the site…it’s all love. #WESEEIT

[NOTE: Junny had a 4 on the 2014 scale – since the scale has been adjusted, he now gets a 3.5]

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