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Happy Black History Month! It’s truly a blessing to be back posting about the “RVA” Hip Hop Scoreboard. I’d like to start by thanking everyone that rocks with The Cheats Movement Blog and shows me love out in RVA. The last few weeks have been a real challenge for me. The site has had some of our most popular post in Cheats Movement history – 1 post getting over 1,000 hits in a day – but like Biggie said “Mo Money – Mo Problems.” I’ve been trying to balance – more than ever – the higher demand of new music and videos being sent to me and to be frank, I’ve let some of it get away. I decided to focus on a few other things than attending live events and reviewing albums these last two months, which – I know – is a staple of the blog. Trust me, as long as you keep rocking with The Cheats Movement, I will find a balance and continue to help as many local hip hop artists on the grind as possible.  And with that – Check out the latest compilation of my recent reviews on the “RVA” Hip Hop Scoreboard. There are a lot of new names on the Board right now and I’m looking forward to more reviews – as long as you send them to me.

LYRIX ANTHONY “94” 3.5 – Click here to read the full review.

JUNNY “RED ROSES” 3.5 – Click here to read the full review.

TAI WO “BLACK ROSE” 3.4 – Click here to read the full review.

KANE & SKIN “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME” 3.3 – Click here to read the full review.

ZAE KINCHEN “TEEN $PIRIT” 3 – Click here to read the full review.

GODLIN “ADVENTURES OF POLO ROGERS 2″ 2.5 – Click here to read the full review.

To submit email: TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com. New reviews every week. Note – If your project is not reviewed by The Cheats Movement is not eligible for the Scoreboard.

Please note that the Cheats Movement is dedicated to uplifting the RVA hip hop scene. This is not a site that will engage in negativity. We only review records that we like – respect – and want other people to hear. The scores are the honest reflection of one person – me. If your record makes it to the site…it’s all love. #WESEEIT


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