Sunset Castle

If you haven’t been following the moves of RVA’s Peter $un, then you’re truly missing out. Last month, exclusively on Karma Loop, $un debuted his album Sunset Castle. The 9 track album shows his continuing growth and expanding sound. The album is an outpouring of raw emotions backed by melodic production. And the marriage works well.

The first track that stands out is the lead single “.Jinchuriki” produced by DeadXBeat. I really like the track because $un shows off his lyrical skills. Though he doesn’t display classic hip hop bars on every song, “.Jinchuriki” proves he has what it takes to rhyme bar for bar, if he chooses to do so.

Following “.Jinchuriki” is “.Cutlass” featuring Vinnie Vibez, produced by Intrnet. This track needs to have a video asap. It has that commercial hit feel. Vibez does his thang on the hook… and the two complement each other well. I know this song will jump at any live shows.

“.Moonshine” was the first single released off the album and it’s my joint. Produced by BeatMachineAron. “.Moonshine” takes you to a different place, emotionally. And $un stays perfectly in the pocket to make the track work.

The last track I will share is “Party Cups” produced by CJ Stylz. It’s probably my favorite song on the album, though my favorite song changes with just about every listen. It’s a great blend of $un’s flow and melodic/trippy production. And he gets busy with the rhymes on this track. Like  “.Jinchuriki” proving he has range that you may not notice, if you’re not paying attention.

For those that know me well and know how I review albums, it may seem strange that Peter $un’s sound resonates with me so much since it’s not a 90’s east coast rap record.  I think it works because Peter $un is not trying to do too much on the album. Sometimes simple is better. You can tell that he’s in his zone throughout the entire project and really matches his vocal ability with the album’s production, they don’t outshine each other. And he picked beats that are perfect for him and what he does lyrically. He’s found a comfort zone that I think a lot of artists look for when making music. Oh and I should mentioned my may Ohbliv produced “Gemini” ft. Alo Lee, very dope.

I often say artists place too many songs on an album, they release 15 songs when they should have released 10. Well, this is a bit of the opposite. I would have really liked one more song to move 9 to 10 and give it that boost. But truly, I don’t have a lot constructive criticism for this one, I think very highly of Sunset Castle and look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more of Peter $un in 2015.

For now Sunset Castle takes it’s place at the top of the Cheats Movement “RVA” Hip Hop Scoreboard with at 4.2 out of 5. #WESEEIT

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