Starting with a soulful choir-like hum (Respect the craft we love/Awesome), is a definitive intro to Joey Gallo & DR3’s EP Absence of Ignorance. Only 6 tracks, the project mixes true hip hop lyricism with a combination of beats; some melodic, others hard hitting, with a rock edge. Both Gallo and DR3 pick spots to really show off their individual rhyme skills. Gallo gets off on “What We Did,” DR3 really shining on “Brother 2 Brother.”  “Awesome” is the song that stands out to me as the signature track on the EP. The songs brings the best out of both MCs, over a beat that they work like a pair of MCs from the golden age of hip hop.

“Dreams” featuring DeliRowe and Dionne) is another “must listen” track. The hook is hypnotizing (If I’m dreaming/please don’t wake me up/til I get on the other side). And the mellow flow suits the beat well.

Overall, Absence of Ignorance is one of the best project I’ve heard (so far) this year. So here is my challenge: It’s only 6 tracks (20 minutes of music). I just need more music to properly score the project.  Yes, I do penalize artists for overloading a project with too many tracks.  Yet, at the same time, I have to lower the score  for not enough work. I can honestly say out of 6 tracks, 4 are on my personal playlist; that’s a crazy high percentage.  But the fact remains there we need more tracks – otherwise it’s not a fair fight against a true album/mixtape. I look forward to a more dense project from these two, sometime in the future.

I rate Absence of Ignorance 3.5. The score starts to create a log jam at that top of the Scoreboard but the project would be higher if there was a few more cuts to judge. But who am I, right? You judge for yourself. Download the project. for free, from Bandcamp.

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