This week, I am continuing my series to highlight the members of the Satellite Syndicate. The Syndicate is a collection of artists who are pushing music to new boundaries in 2015. A beat collective, that’s here in RVA and stretches across the country. Both digital and in your face, the Syndicate is growing a strong fan base in RVA and online.

Last time we highlighted Syndicate organizer BSTFRND. Today let’s me DøøF AKA Justice Richardson. #WESEEIT

Cover Shaboi

Name :

“shaboi” aka Justice Richardson.


Hampton, VA. aka “Hampganistan” due to recent idiotic events in that area.

Weapon of choice:

‘o8 Garage Band, Toneport UX2, My own invention I like to call the “stu box”, Skateboard, and heavily marinated water pipe residuals so my voice sounds extra dusty.

What role do you play in the Syndicate?

Professional Super Smash Bros 64 player, King Roach Lyphian and Pokemon Master. Plus I’m a B-Class lyricist with a speech impediment.

First thing you do in the morning?

I’m an insomniac so I probably won’t wake up until Noon.

Favorite place to make music?

My Room. Got all my stuff set up on my desk.

First movie you ever called your favorite?

Either Space Jam or Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Your favorite sample?

Haven’t found it yet.

Name 3 albums that define your attitude?

Digable Planets – “Reachin”, Viktor Vaughn – “Vaudeville Villain” and probly Quasimoto – “The Unseen”

Most played out slang word used in RVA?

The N-word. I use it heavily tho.

3 AM…where you eating?

Christians. Ballin out on Specialty Slices. Go eat there.

If you could Quincy Jones – DJ Khaled any record you wanted – who would play on it?

KVZE, Bzkt, Cameron Butler, Ohbliv, Dusty, Eu-IV and ShunGu on production. Shaboi, Cameron Butler, Escee tha Chemist, King Wyse, J’Von, Lord Apex, Wiki, James Dangle, Nickelus F and Ohbliv on Raps(Nobody Knows Ohbliv Raps tho. Shhhh.)

One night in any town in the world…where do I find you?

Anywhere with smoov pavement, paint covered walls and the trusty ledge spot. I’m probably skating over there.

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