FIRST DAY OUT: My homie Ant The Symbol is back and harder than ever. He’s link up with some of his old family: The Honorable Sleaze, BC Music 1st, Distant Dee, RT, Ben FM and Joey Ripps to produce some new music with a classic feel; The King of Nothing. Also on the album is: Reppa Ton, Graphic Meele, and bonus from Fan Ran. This album has some of my favorite RVA MCs on it, produced by a truly eclectic brother who sees music differently. I’m excited for the Cheats Movement family to embrace this project. It’s RVA to the max. #WESEEIT

Earlier today Ant himself spoke to the people:

Now that it’s finally here, I can say my piece on it: I love this album and can honestly say that it came to be as phenomenal as I wanted to. First, I wanna thank everyone that collaborated on this one, especially Sleazie Wonder, Kelly Mcmahon, and Phil Gee-Cee. At this point, y’all are family. Thanks for being there since day one. Things have changed a lot since the beginning, and it gets disheartening sometimes. The problem with this city is that people don’t support you until you’re famous. It feels as if people forget you and bypass you if you’re not on every blog around or whatever. I just want people to be able to relate to my music. With that being said, the people who I thank on the most are the ones who keep listening who didn’t let me walk away when I felt like saying “I quit. lt ain’t worth it anymore”. You know who you are. As I continue my musical journey (yes, I will continue it), I hope y’all enjoy who I am. I won’t change. I love what I do. I feel like a king even if I’m the king of nothing.

Let me know what you think of The King of Nothing and support the album with a purchase.


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