March 2015 Playlist

I’m often asked who I’m listening to. Whether it’s RVA hip hop, other genres of music in RVA, or regional or national artists, I’m always trying to find music that pushes my boundaries. As the site has grown, I’m hearing more and more music that I simply have to share. So, for 2015, at least once a month, I’m going to post my Cheats Movement Playlist.

Since this is the first playlist of the year, I’m going to stretch the playlist a litter further than normal (20 tracks with a few bonuses) but I hope to post a new playlist of about 10 songs every month. Therefore, keep sending me your music, (TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com) keep informing me about shows, keep sending me videos, and I will continue to support quality hip hop (and other genres of music) on the Cheats Movement. Also, be on the look out for NEXT LEVEL MUSIC, which is my national spotlight from music outside of RVA. As always, THANK YOU for rocking with the site. I truly appreciate your support. #WESEEIT


1. Noah-O “Filipino King”

2. Fair “Moleskine Conclusion” (Response to Jay Electronica)

3. Millz “Banks”

4. JuanC4Pierce ft. Dozeus “MANNEQUIN”

5. Fatt Matt “Lit” NEXT LEVEL MUSIC: Virginia Beach

6. DR3 X Joey Gallo ” Awesome”

7. Pharaoh Dinero “Can’t” NEXT LEVEL MUSIC: NYC

8. Illa Scorseze “Butta Leather”

9. Peter $un ft. Vinnie Vibez “.Cutlass”

10. Ant The Symbol ft. The Honorable Sleaze “Turn Em Off”

11. Goldin “Knowledge Bands” (Drake 10 Bands Freestyle)

12. Solomon Bullet “Doin Me”

13. Ver$ace Chachi “Don’t F*** With Ya’ll”

14. Zae Kinchen ft. Cadillac Cat “Relax’npace”

15. Lyrix Anthony “Shine”

16. Koncept Jack$on “Livin Lavish”

17. Tai Wo “Strictly Business”

18. Tey Boogie “4 God”

19. Cosmo_Black “Something To Me”

20. Kings “Strange Love”

Bonus #1 Lord Linco “18 Candles”

Bonus #2 Oab Jenkins “Under My Belt”

image1Bonus #3 RonOilers X  Yohannes “Preach EDM Mix”

That’s my March 2015 Cheats Movement Playlist. These are the artists and songs that I think you should  hear and rock with  for the month of March. Please know there are plenty more songs and plenty more artists that I rocking with. Just keep checking the site every day for new music – keep supporting the site – keep sending me emails and I’m going to keep supporting RVA Hip Hip – Hip Hop (in general) and good music to the max. If you’re not on the list this time – just hit me up for April. #WESEEIT

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