This week, I continue my series highlighting the members of the Satellite Syndicate. The Syndicate is a collection of artists who are pushing music to new boundaries in 2015. A beat collective, that’s here in RVA and stretches across the country. Both digital and in your face, the Syndicate is growing a strong fan base in RVA and online.

Today let’s meet ScoopKid. #WESEEIT

Cover ScoopKid


Jake Taylor aka ScoopKid aka Jabius


Richmond, VA and proud of it

Weapons of choice:

SP-404SX, SKB pedalboard filled with various effects pedals, whatever instruments are lying around, and my collection of vinyl and tapes.

What role do you play in the Syndicate?

I was inducted into the Syndicate a little later than most others, so my contribution to the group hasn’t been as large, but (aside from putting my musical two cents in) I help book shows and do some social media networking, as well as recording and engineering some of the homies’ projects.

First thing you do in the morning?

Usually, I just roll over and go back to sleep haha.

Favorite place to make music?

I can’t say I have a favorite place to make music, really. I love the idea of a mobile mini-studio to record anywhere possible, but there hasn’t been a place that I’ve felt has been my most favorite, perfect environment. If there was an easier way to wirelessly record in the mountains, though, I’d choose there.

First movie you ever called your favorite?

Jurassic Park, all day. I still watch it pretty often.

Your favorite sample?

That may be impossible. I look at the samples I use as my inspirations for making beats, honestly, so every sample I pick has pretty equal emotional and sonic value to me, because the music it came from always stays so close to my soul. But if I had to pick my favorite sample someone else used, it would probably be the Bobby Caldwell “Open Your Eyes” sample from the beat Dilla made for Common’s “The Light”—-too classic!

Name 3 albums that define your attitude?

Steps Ahead–“Modern Times”, Madlib–“Beat Konducta: Movie Scenes Vol 1-2”, George Benson–“Breezin.”

Most played out slang word used in RVA?

“Ratchet”. Forreal though, that’s a hand tool, not a way to describe someone.

3 AM…where you eating?

I’m definitely with the squad at Christian’s pizza mostly, but other than that, on my couch, munching out on leftovers, watching some old Nicktoons or something.

If you could Quincy Jones – DJ Khaled any record you wanted – who would play on it?

DAMN lemme think…..Michael Brecker and Leroi Moore on Saxes, John D’earth and Clark Terry on Trumpets, D’Angelo on Rhodes and vox, Cory Henry and Devonne Harris on Organ and Synth, Jaco Pastorius on Bass, John Scofield and Pat Metheny on Guitars, Antonio Sanchez on Drums, Take 6 on Vox, Chris Thile on Mandolin and vox. Sorry that’s a bit excessive, but that’s that nature of the question right?

One night in any town in the world…where do I find you?

Probably in Geneva, Switzerland, playing guitar by the lake.

Be sure to follow ScoopKid on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp #WESEEIT


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