This week, I continue my series highlighting the members of the Satellite Syndicate. The Syndicate is a collection of artists who are pushing music to new boundaries in 2015. A beat collective, that’s here in RVA and stretches across the country. Both digital and in your face, the Syndicate is growing a strong fan base in RVA and online.

Today let’s meet and old friend – the homie – James Dangle. #WESEEIT



James Dangle



Weapon of choice:


What role do you play in the Syndicate?

James Dangle

First thing you do in the morning?

Honestly, joke with my wife – have a laugh.

Favorite place to make music?

home , uhhh where can i plug in.

First movie you ever called your favorite?

Dark Crystal

Your favorite sample?

Clearance needed

Name an album that define your attitude?

Jay Electronica’s first Album

Most played out slang word used in RVA?

Dare I say fleek hahaha

3 AM…where you eating?

Variable though that bowl of coco pebbles at home with almond milk is a winner

If you could Quincy Jones – DJ Khaled any record you wanted – who would play on it?

Madlib , Stevie Wonder , Guilty Simpson , Elzhi , Georgia Ann Mudrow , Suzi Analogue

One night in any town in the world…where do I find you?

Roseau Dominica

Be sure to follow James Dangle on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp #WESEEIT

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