I absolutely love spring time in Richmond. As a photo enthusiast, Saturday mornings in Richmond are a dream come true for street photographers. Last Saturday, Aria and I took Cameron to the VMFA to enjoy the beautiful weather. Leaving the VMFA the photo above was the scene we saw. Though I didn’t capture it the exact way I wanted, Aria told me not to get too close to the wedding party or as she put it, “don’t creep out their special moment.” The scene does provoke a lot of thought for me, in particular, how should I explain scenes like this to Cameron in a few years. I love the idea of a wedding indicating a new beginning, a fresh start for a couple starting their new life together. Meanwhile, as this couple, and their families, celebrates a new beginning, another group, The Virginia Flaggers, hold onto the past. In my opinion, the racial make-up of the wedding party makes the image more powerful. Had the wedding party been all white, I don’t think it would carry as much punch. What is missing from this image is the joy on the face of the wedding party, especially the children. Well, joy mixed with the logistical challenge of wedding photos. Also not captured is the number of people who either walked or jogged by on Boulevard, not even paying attention to this scene. I think Richmond has numbed most people to scenes like this…I can’t say that is a good thing.

What does this image make you think about? (Please be respectful in your comments – this is not the site for hate of any kind)


  • Suzanne Hall says:

    What a complicated image, certainly unique to RVA. I’ll be interested in your readers’ thoughtful comments.

  • This is a powerful image! In addition to the obvious dichotomy, there is also some symbolism of the African American wedding party being in front and the confederate flags are in the rear. They are essentially ignoring them. Not to say that anyone should forget about the racial history in this country, but clearly it won’t stop them from having their perfect day.

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