Richmond MC Easalio makes a lyrical statement with the first lines of his new EP July’s Prize: “I just want what I deserve/so don’t be surprised if I’m taking some sh*t that you thought had belong to you first.” 

Mainstream recognition maybe overdue for the World Wide Paper Gang MC but I have a feeling that Easalio will be gaining a lot of attention from this new project, released today.

Easalio displays unbelievable wordplay on July’s Prize. At times. his bars are down right hypnotizing. The production on the project does not sound like that of ATL, but on a lyrical level Easalio reminds me of those glorified times that Ludacris really blacked out on tracks. Half the time it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, you just know he’s in the zone. “Athens,” the intro song on the EP is like that. His flow is remarkable. And match with perfectly timed production from AP, “Athens” is that song that takes you on a trip. It’s a perfect intro song for July’s Prize.

The other dominate track on July’s Prize is “World Wide”produced by VoKab. The closing track on the EP, it has a hero’s theme and Easalio kills the track.

Other tracks of note: “Black Kings” featuring Ace and Maffew Ragazino and “Miracle (produced by V Don)

July’s Prize is 9 tracks, which is quality but leaves room for more work to be done. And if there is a minor knock on July’s Prize it is the lack of variety in the types of tracks. Easalio delivers bars upon bars upon bars upon bars. I happened to really like lyricism and wordplay so that’s no problem for me but it’s definitely head-nod music throughout the entire project.

Overall, I haven’t heard too many projects this year with Easalio’s consistent and quality wordplay.  I’d put his lyrical skill near the the top of MC list I keep in my head. July’s Prize is definitely worth the listen.

Follow Easalio on Twitter and stream July’s Prize on his Soundcloud today. #WESEEIT

Words by Cheats – @CheatsMWC – IG: The_Cheats_Movement_Blog

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