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From start to finish there is a clear message in O-Bey’s latest EP “H.U.M.B.L.E.” The project speaks about his upbringing and journey as an MC who has been through many trials and tribulations. O-bey, formerly known as Streetz Deep, brings us his newest project after a 4 year hiatus in which he was on a spiritual journey.

Previously, he was featured on MTV2’s Sucker-Free freestyles in 2011 and also on Charged Up Ent. Noah-O‘s single “I Got It” which aired on MTV Jams. “H.U.M.B.L.E” stands for Humility Unity Mobility Balance Love Elevation.

The project takes a more commercial approach. Songs like “Up” and “On Go” stood-out for their “Drill Music” production. Yet there is a balance between trap music and more personal songs which speaks directly to the struggles he has overcome throughout his break away from music. In particular, the song “Life change” speaks on this transition.

In the music you can hear how Streetz Deep used to be more street driven but O-Bey has more of a spiritual take on life. A different approach to the hip hop scene showcasing that you don’t always have to be wealthy to get your point across.
Although you can still hear the familiarities of Streetz Deep on tracks like “So Clean” and “On Go” which is a standout on the project – though I question the ocean sounds at the end. O-Bey’s approach to “On Go” is similar to the style that many new southern artists use.

“Through It” is the most conscious song on the project, “Sometimes you gotta go through it to get too it”. O-Bey’s H.U.M.B.L.E. is a good listen for aspiring MCs in the culture.

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