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At first glance of Segga Spiccoli’s EP, it’s hard to make out what you’ll actually be listening to. The rapper’s face half hidden behind a bright array of pink cherry blossom trees with a title like Euphoria insists that this is a piece of high art, commanding your attention. However, the rising wave that is Richmond’s creative culture, referred by some as the Richmond Renaissance, has brought new sounds from the city, indicated by collectives like Satellite Syndicate and beat maestro’s Ohbliv and DJ Harrison. So, while Spiccoli’s EP is undoubtedly a street manifesto, looking at the cover art, one could take any guess as to what they’re about to hear; jazz, EDM, maybe even R&B. Thankfully the album is as sonically exigent as its artwork is commanding, which leads one to question; was the cover made to look like high art for art’s sake or was this the rappers effort at altering the typical visual perspective on RVA rap?

Euphoria is not only a proper introduction for the rapper, but also proclamation. Spiccoli is kicking down the door and letting fellow rappers, his city and the world know that he’s here and that he has been here. Filled with seamless transitions, the EP tells Segga’s story over the past year and a half. He bares all, describing his successes, struggles, family, friends and albeit briefly, obstacles in his love life. All of it culminating into this moment of, well – euphoria. If the EP was a screenplay, it would be one of those inspiring “Coming of Age” tales. Two things that certainly stand out on the project are the rappers use of samples throughout its entirety, something not too often done these days, and his general “everyman” rap style and sensibility. Some may draw comparisons between he and rapper Curren$y in that way, however, the rapper without a doubt has a personality all his own. Spiccoli seems like the type of guy that if you hadn’t talked to him in years, you could still pick up right where you left off. If this EP is any indication of what is to come fromt the artist, then you’re going to want to get familiar.

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