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Coming at you with their first project as a collaborative is Tribe, with their debut EP titled TRBTrap, Rap, and Bass—that’ll surely add heat to your summer playlist.  It consists of 6 tracks that will get you familiar with the members of the Tribe and what their experiences have been like as artists.  In order for you to truly appreciate the music, you need to know who it’s coming from.  Tribe is made up of four members: Marc Major (MC), D.White (MC), Casual Wzrd (Producer), and HolySUS (Producer) who each bring a unique style to the project T.R.B.  Marc Major describes the collection of tracks on T.R.B. as a “compilation of our early classics and a few new heavy-hitters along with a few instrumental tracks by our producers.” Tribe stays true to the title of their project as you can hear the influences of trap and rap in each of the songs, maintaining blistering bass throughout as well.  TRB kicks off with one of those instrumental tracks, titled “Steel Wool”, that’ll get your blood flowing in a matter of seconds.  One of the standout tracks off the EP is titled “Ass Cheeks”, where Marc Major and D.White rifle through bars of endearment towards females with exquisite bosoms.  Although the content of the song may be a bit raunchy, the overall production of the track and the flow in which Marc and D.White delivered their lyrics was hypnotizing.  The two display confidence in their pick-up skills by showcasing their wordplay capabilities on “Tribe Like This”, another nice track on TRB.  Tribe was kind enough to suggest you leave your significant other at home if you’re going to be around them, obeying is obliged.  They bring back the infectious hook from “Tribe Like This” on the last track of the EP titled “Outro”, that takes you on a groovy trip to cap off the project thanks to the wavy production from Casual Wzrd and HolySUS.  Marc Major claims that TRB serves as a “party tape that you can play all the way through several times”, and I don’t disagree.  Give the EP a listen and be ready to turn up!  Keep an ear out for more music coming from Tribe in 2015!

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