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Dr. Millionaire, off of the strength of his background alone, is something of an aberration. Although notoriety falling in direct correlation to an artist’s location is definitely a thing of the past now, locale still plays a role in the sense of tracking the cultural evolution of hip-hop. If you would have told me that a half white rapper out of Richmond, VA, imported from Maine was making a name for himself in 2005 – I might have told you that you were full of it. In fact, in 2005 that was a double negative. However hip-hop, its industry and RVA are each entirely different playing fields now. Isaiah Clements, better known by his peers as Milli, has been whittling away at this thing for a while now. Slowly carving out a niche, not only locally, but abroad as well. My First Million is an obnoxious, raunchy, debauched, no-holds barred party – and one hell of a re-introduction.

Millionaires lyrical cadence,  accommodating lyrical flow and acquired southern drawl give him a highly individualized style. Combine that with a sharp-wit and humor of a popular comedian; a Chris Rock or Louie CK, if you will, and you may have,  hands down, one of funniest rappers since Ludacris. Take the track “Snapchat Screenshot”, Millionaire raps “Picture message from an older ho/ that I met on twitter/ truth be told/ I don’t really know this ho/ but I know that she all tatted up/ ass fat as fuck/ but she make that face in the pic/ bitch think she Daffy Duck…” He then breaks into this hilarious rant questioning the reasoning behind sending those kind of pictures over nudies.

But it’s not fun and games for Millionaire all of the time. The album takes quite a sentimental turn with the track “Old Friend” where he reminisces about the good times growing up with his childhood homie Rob. Unfortunately, after his move to RVA, Milli wasn’t able to see his friend before he passed away due to excessive drug use. The track acts a nice reflective break from all the fun, but also adds a little more substance outside the context of clever lyricism and witty wordplay by just telling a story.

Overall, the EP is definitely worth a listen, as the rapper is certainly becoming one of the more exemplary voices in showcasing the dynamism of his city.  My First Million is a project that has been in the works over the last year. I know this because he previewed a couple of the tracks from the EP at last years EpicFest IV. If the songs he performed at EpicFest V are any indication of his next project, then we’d all be wise to pay attention.

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