Rap is outta control

Editorial by  Eugene Hip Hop Henry/The Listening Party/The80sraisedme.com/The Cheats Movement

Rap can be dangerous if it hits the wrong ears, it is the most influential genre of music in the world and that is why over the years my taste in rap has changed. In high school and in college…even middle school, we used to listen to NWA “Appetite For Destruction”, Cypress Hill “Hand On The Pump”…straight shoot em up rap, but I always knew it was just music, the image that dudes were hardcore was the thing back then. Even in that time though the rappers who were talking about these things would tell you its entertainment, Dr. Dre in the movie The Show said “we ain’t really out here killing people…its just entertainment.” It was a movie when the credits rolled those were actors..the characters became regular people again and they went back to their normal lives until the next movie. Rappers however haven’t returned to the normal life, partying until the morning and getting arrested for guns and various stupid crimes that they do. Have you ever asked yourself why do rappers keep getting locked up? Cool C was living the glamorous life 20yrs ago and now he’s on death row for killing a cop during a botched bank robbery, he’s riding around in the brand new car in his video back then and is buying his girl everything she wants, but 6 years he had to rob a bank with Steady B? He wasn’t even a “gangsta” rapper he was just in the video flaunting, by the time he went to jail though, rap videos started getting out of control and the late 90s to the present has been even worse. The videos are crazy now they give you the idea that these rappers are earning something that they really aren’t, everything from: the houses, the cars, the private planes, the $1000 bottles of champagne, the speedboats, the piles of money dudes are sitting on in videos…it all goes back to the record company once the video is a wrap. My favorite excuse from rappers are “we’re trying to show the kids that you can live like this, you don’t have to live in the hood all your life” which would be cool, but you’re rapping a drug dealer lifestyle that, for most of these rappers, they never lived. You might have witnessed these things which would be even better, you can tell the story of the drug dealer and how he went down and how you shouldn’t go down the same path, but instead you take a real life drug dealers name and start selling dreams. So now what do you have? A whole bunch of kids, and grown men going to jail because they want to be like this dude they see in the video who has been rapping for over 10yrs and suddenly became a gangster after their first style didn’t sell. Kids going to jail for doing REAL things that some FAKE rapper rhymed about, when I was a kid Ice Cube was the toughest dude out, politicians were trying to ban Death Certificate in 1991, but even he wasn’t promoting the type of nonsense that rappers have been pushing for well over 10 years now. And like most of us now, we see the majority of new videos on the internet, and this new trend of sniffing cocaine is cool like we’re watching Scarface or something is beyond wack. I said this a few years ago on twitter, back in the day rap used to tell the kids to stay away from drugs, now they want to sell drug to your them.

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