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If you don’t know – now you know – RVA MC Nickelus F now has a mural in Oregon Hill. The Cheats Movement reached out and got comments from Nick, the artist Niles Westergard, and Nick’s AGM family on what this truly means.  It’s an iconic statement for this generation of hip hop. #WESEEIT

“It’s a surreal feeling, especially when I don’t feel like I’ve gotten all I deserved out of this music business. It means a lot to me and my family but I believe it will inspire a lot more people. It kinda proves that if you refuse to take no for an answer and just do you to the best of your ability – you can make a lasting impression on the world.” Nickelus F

“Nick F embodies my love for hip-hop and RVA. The video I did for him my sophomore year gave me a lot of confidence to push myself with art. He’s a homie and has been deserving of recognition from our city that I was in a unique position to provide.” Nils Westergard

“For me it speaks to people’s appreciation of Nick’s consistency over these many years for putting out high level music and just being known for so long in this city as a legendary talent. To me, it’s this generation’s (the most independent of all) spiteful statement that they recognize his worth in spite of the industry and the city at large’s failure to support him. It’s an iconic statement for Nick as well as the city. I couldn’t be happier to see the recognition. He deserves it.” Radio B

“Murals while we are living – Nick is a living legend.” Michael Millions

“The mural is MAJOR. Nick has been representing Richmond for a long time and for Richmond to return the favor with a mural is dope. He earned it.” NameBrand

The Nick F mural is located at: 349 S Laurel St, Richmond, VA 23220 – Go check it out – take a selfie with the mural. And buy Nick’s new album Triflin  on 8.28 #WESEEIT


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