Slum Village

Words by Cheats

It’s not often that RVA has two strong hip-hop shows in one night but tonight is one of those nights. Borderline-legendary – definitely hip-hop cult-favorites – Detroit duo Slum Village is at the Broadberry tonight, along with Black Liquid and Tennison (DJ Harrison & Tennishu). This show should appeal to true hip-hop heads and of course, those that want to relive the beats of the amazing J Dilla. The doors open at 8 PM – Show starts at 9 PM – $18 at the door.

Gritty CityRadio B

Also tonight – late night – is Gritty City Records along with Noah-O and ReppaTon at En Su Boca. This is clearly a local show but should pull a solid following of Richmond hip-hip fans. Gritty City has practically made En Su Boca their home base for their live shows and so far the response has been solid.

I’m interested to see if RVA’s hip-hop community will come out tonight. There has been practically no buzz for Slum Village at the Broadberry especially compared to the buzz I’ve seen/heard for Talib Kweli coming to the same venue in 6 days (more on that later). And truth be told Gritty City is Gritty City – they are going to do what they do – drink – party – rap – and have a great time. Gritty City’s audience is going to be there – Noah should bring a few C.U.E. fans out too so that should be a nice crowd for En Su Boca but really late on a Thursday night — 11 PM start time if you’re lucky.

So let’s hope RVA hip-hop fans show up and show out tonight. This starts a very cool 2 day span with the shows tonight and Radio B tomorrow night at Gallery 5 (more on that later). #WESEEIT

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