No time to wait – I have a lot of heat that I need to drop this month. And I have a major announcement: this Sunday, November 8 at Gallery 5, The Cheats Movement Family Hip-Hop Podcast is hosting our first live event: We Need Leaders. The show features: J. Slim, Drano, Millz, and Bobby Fresh. The music will be powered by the General of our Podcast – The Black Andy Rooney : Hip-Hop Henry. There will also be live freestyles for anyone that comes out. Please take a moment to buy an advance ticket for Sunday night on Eventbrite: CLICK HERE  The doors open at 8 PM and the show starts (on-time) at 8:15 PM. Your support is the only way we can keep the Podcast going. Please Support. 

As for this month’s playlist, I’m excited to post some of the new visuals. The visuals are taking center stage with videos from: DevRock (Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle – Baltimore), Faith Boogie, Cane, JohnDoe and Rezon Da Dawn.

And the singles this month are crazy: Evan Barlow ft. Easalio, Ms. Proper, Fly Anakin, VA Pete,  Erikka J,  and many more. This playlist is loaded and the premiere play list for Central VA hip-hop.

If you want to get on the playlist or visit the Podcast or perform at a We Need Leaders live event, email The Cheats Movement at

Evan Barlow ft. Easalio “Strange”

Ms. Proper “Trapped Inside my Mind”

VA Pete “All I Need”

Fly Anakin “MachineGunFunk”

Tai Wo ft. Andrea Nicole “Just Breathe”

Millz “Black Larry Bird”

F. Low “The Goods”

Erikka J ft. Super Nike Nando “Can’t Get Enough”

Cosmo Black “G-Theme”

Chunck ft. Sheep and Rhymbuk “Cardiac Arrest”

Lomax “What I’m Bout”

Passport Republic (Pilot Talk & Meech) “Stay TRU”

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