Bobby Fresh holding it down on stage with new music

LAST NIGHT was the start of something special for Richmond independent hip-hop. The Cheats Movement Podcast kicked off its first WE NEED LEADERS live series that will continue once a month in 2016. Headlining the inaugural event was Bobby Fresh, Millz and J. Slim. In classic Cheats Movement fashion, there was a lot of trash talk – a la the Cheats Movement Family Hip-Hop Podcast and a number of freestyles, including the signature pass the mic cypher (classic hip-hop S/O Big Rich with the move), which was dominated by Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress” instrumental which featured: Jake Barkley, Joey Gallo, Radio B, Noah-O, Alfred, and more. It was all hip-hop. If you want to be a part of the 2016 series – it’s the best in the game – email the site at TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com

Don’t miss the next podcast and of course the next WE NEED LEADERS event in January.  You can follow the podcast on Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-cheats-movement


Hip Hop Henry & KB holding it down


Joey Gallo and Jodi Starks w/Gigi in the back sneaking photos


Technical issues lead to one of the most hip-hop moves on the night – Millz ripped hard instrumentals off the head for his set.


Bobby Fresh with King Tre rocking Urban Nirvana live


J. Slim did a double Sunday night – much love brother. He tore it down at Gallery 5.


Crazy Passion in every lyric – J. Slim


The homie Alfred rock the mic – That boy is wild #MadLove from us.

Don’t miss what we got coming next – Flag On The Moon 2 and the next Podcast – and WE NEED LEADERS 2016 – Tell a friend and come through – No one is rocking like us.

#WESEEIT – TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com

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