FLAG ON THE MOON 2 OPENING ACT CONTEST UPDATE: As it stands right now, here are the top 6 nominations to perform at FOTM2 on December 11th: The Tribe, Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on, Titan Tone, Southside Did it, The Supplierz, and Rich James.   

Nominations end on November 18th. The competition is wide open. See the rules below. #WESEEIT

ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS: You have a chance to perform at one of the craziest independent hip-hop events in VA this year!  Flag On The Moon 2 Dec. 11th at The Top. Sponsored by The Cheats Movement Family Podcast, Preve Vodka and Monument RVA . Brought to you by AGM (@agmimperial): @NickelusF, @Radioblitz and @Michaelmillions will be headlining once again! Last year’s contest winner Evan Barlow will be opening up as well as the top TWO artists from this years contest!

Here’s how you become one of those performers:

  • Have your fans/supporters email FlagOnTheMoon2@gmail.com to nominate you. (Only one artist/group can be nominated per email address)
  • Artists can also be nominated via IG video posts. Video posts must include hashtag #FlagOnTheMoon2 and tag @agmimperial.
  • IG video nominations are worth 5 nominations!
  • The 6 artists with the most nominations by Nov. 18th will go to the finals to be voted on!

Best of luck! Salute to the creators! Let’s spread the word!


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