THE AMAZING ERIKKA J has hooked up with Russian producer Chiveer to create her new single “Don’t Know.” It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Natural Born Hustler. Her work ethic is unmatched – and she is one of the most versatile vocalist I’ve followed since starting The Cheats Movement. Chiveer is making a name for himself delivering raw – gritty beats. The combination of Chiveer’s grit with Erikka’s voice provides the best of both worlds. #WESEEIT

Somewhere between the classic hip-hop soul sounds of Mary J Blige and the updated soul of the Foreign Exchange lies this newest Erikka J release. Here she expresses some of the darker behind the scenes emotions and situations she’s experienced on her “Natural Born Hustler” journey. Erikka goes international with this record, linking with Russian resident Chiveer for production. — from the releaseĀ 

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