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AGM IS HAVING A MARQUEE YEAR and just in time for Friday night’s Flag on the Moon 2 at The Top, Radio B has released his new project Never Fall Off.

The 16 track album features production by Cashby, NameBrand, The Trackoholics, Gidroplan and Chiveer. Guest features by Nickelus F, Michael Millions, Brandie Muniz, Angelica Baylor, Francoise, Shonda Davis, and Erikka J.

Given Radio’s progression following the releases of: Live Good Be Great, Whole Foods, and The Climb, you have to judge Radio’s work in comparison to the aforementioned  albums which is difficult because they are all different projects and dope in their own way.

What stands out on Never Fall Off is the extremely personal content and the place Radio went to harness that content. Tracks like “God’s Work,” “Too True To Be Good,” and the title track “Never Fall Off” are extremely personal for the normally aggressive RVA MC; by way of NY.  This personal aspect of Radio shows a level growth that he hasn’t reached before and at the same time and level of vulnerability that you don’t see if you meet him in-person. But don’t trip, those die hard fans of The Climb  will get what they want with songs like, “Ain’t Gotta Like It” and “Fuc All Ya’ll Season.” no surprised that both tracks were produced by the Russian producer Chiveer. He seems to be Radio’s go-to producer for aggressive content.

Radio hooks up with his AGM familia on “The Imperial” produced by NameBrand; who else? The track features a damn-near soulful Nickelus F and the wordsmith Millions completely in pocket — the Raekwon of the group, Millions flow seems have a different style but matches every track in his own way. “The Imperial” leads me to continue to call for an official AGM project even more.

Finally, two of my favorite tracks on the album are “Sucka Free Luxury” and “We Are Proud.” I like “Sucka Free Luxury” because The Trackoholics flipped a sample that Nas and AZ crushed on a track called “The Essence” and seeing how they flipped the beat and how “the AZ of RVA” crushed the flow —  it warms my heart. “We are Proud” is just that record that makes you want to climb the stairs in Rocky. It’s gives you that spirit you need to dominate any task, and I’m a huge fan of horns in hip-hop.

I don’t know where Never Fall Off will ultimately end up. I’m going to put it right there with Whole Foods; slightly ahead of The Climb but days and more listens could change that.

Make sure you hear Radio perform Never Fall Off live tomorrow night as we celebrate his birthday at Flag on the Moon 2 at the Top. #WESEEIT

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