THE CHEATS MOVEMENT IS GOING INSIDE THE RACE FOR THE NEXT RICHMOND MAYOR!  Last Wednesday’s mayoral forum at Virginia Union kicked off the race for Richmond’s next leader. While many news organizations will report the facts (as they see them), it is the goal of this platform to present content that is closer to the community’s perspective and to highlight parts of the election that may not be featured regularly.  So let’s get started shall we…

Last Wednesday’s mayoral forum was the complete opposite of what most people (including this blog) thought it would be. Most thought it was going to be utter chaos with 12 people on stage fighting for air space and clamoring to make their points.  That is not what happened. What happened was a really strong display of how a forum is supposed to be run. The candidates got a chance to introduced themselves to the audience and address critical issues they believe are facing the city. There are a few good recap articles online and there is also the full transcript and video (linked below). The Cheats Movement perspective and that of our community friends were looking for a few other things coming out of Coburn Hall.

The Receiving Line Test: The first thing any observer notices at a political event is who has the juice. What do I mean by juice? Who is the person in the room that everyone wants to talk to and be around. It was clear that the biggest star in the room was Gov. Wilder (no surprise – it was his forum). If he was a candidate he would have dominated the receiving line test but since he is not (for now at least) second place had to be the embattled, yet always fighting Joe Morrissey. It’s actually not surprising, Morrissey is a lighting rod – love him or hate him – people often are around him and he feeds off of the energy and shakes every hand. Another person that generated a lot of interest Wednesday night was 3rd District School Board Member Jeff Bourne. Again, Bourne is not running (for Mayor at least) but Bourne’s decision not to run sparked a lot of interest in the press and in the room. I sat down with Bourne before the forum to chat. You can hear the full Jeff Bourne interview here:

Council Experience: Strength or Not: Governor Wilder and Bob Holsworth banged hard on all three current city council members running for mayor (Mosby, Hilbert, and Baliles). There is a clear challenge for those running who have served on city council. How do you run as a change candidate for mayor and at the same time attempt to tout your record on council as a strength? Only time will tell if their experience will be a tipping point one way or the other. The challenge is laid out, let’s see how they navigate it.

The Separation: Let’s face it…it’s really early, too early to make any call on just about anything BUT we at the Cheats Movement was looking for instant separation immediately after the closing statements. And giving all we know there is a separation that is happening and we are calling them — the tiers (original name right?).


Tier I – No particular order

  • Michelle Mosby
  • Jack Berry
  • John Baliles
  • Joe Morrissey
  • Levar Stoney (We count him in the race until he makes a decision)

Tier II – No particular order

  • Lillie Estes
  • Chad Ingold
  • Chris Hilbert
  • Bruce Tyler

Tier III – No particular order

  • Alan Schintzius
  • Rick Tatnall
  • Lawrence Williams
  • Brad Froman

Here are a few Cheats Movement exclusive interviews immediately following the forum:

Council President Michelle Mosby Interview:


Council Member Jonathan Baliles Interview:


Jack Berry Interview:


Chad Ingold Interview:

And below is how a few of our community friends scored the night on social media:

Community advocate John Murden @jmurden: Good night: Ingold, Baliles, Schintzius, Neural: Morrissey, Estes, Tatnall Tyler, Berry, Hilbert, Bad night: Michelle Mosby, Williams, Froman.

Richmond Blog Hall of Famer John Sarvay @Sarvay: Good night: Berry, Estes, Ingold, Schintzius; Neutral: Williams, Hilbert, Morrissey, Baliles, Tatnall, Bad: Tyler, Mosby.

Black RVA Founder/Community Advocate Amy Wentz @BlackRVA: Good night: Baliles, Berry, Estes, Ingold, Morrissey; Schintzius; Neutral: Hilbert, Tatnall, Tyler, Froman; Bad night: Mosby.

Education advocate Eva Colen @evacolen:  Good night: Berry, Morrissey, Baliles, Ingold, and Stoney (since he wasn’t there, he’ll stand out when/if he announces); Neutral: Estes, Williams, Tatnall, Froman, Schintzius; Bad: Tyler, Mosby, Hilbert.

Community advocate Amy George @georgeae:

Amy George

Here is the video of the entire forum – please enjoy, comment, and get involved. The Cheats Movement will be here  all election.

Click HERE to read the full transcript of the Richmond Mayor Forum. Stay locked in to the Cheats Movement for community coverage. – @CheatsMovement – #WESEEIT


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