WHAT’S GOOD RICHMOND! This is Cheats and welcome to the first episode of The Table! This is the first in a series of table discussions that I will be having with the Richmond community as we move towards November’s election for Mayor, City Council, and School Board. This is a critical time for our community, city, and region and it’s important for everyone (especially those running for public office) to understand the issues that are really being discussed and debated around our dinner tables, picnic tables, card game tables, you get the point.

Earlier this week, I pulled together 7 community leaders to have an honest conversation about the state of our community and what we are looking for in our next leader. I hope you will listen and SHARE THIS POST with anyone interested in the future of our community, city and region. #WESEEIT

Community leaders: Damon Jiggetts (Peter Paul), Amy Wentz (Black RVA), Mimi Bowen (Ladies Who Lead), Arthur Burton (Kinfolks), Adrienne Cole Johnson (Peter Paul), J.J. Minor (Community Activist), Brother James (Community Activist/Children Advocate)  Host Cheats – Video Jourdan – Photos – Risa – Location – Peter Paul Development Center

Photos by Risa Gomez – The Table Design – Zak (DJ Mentos) Young

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  • Hey guys! Just finding this movement and I loved this discussion so much! If you guys keep making episodes, you HAVE to put it on a podcast feed. It’d make it much easier to listen to and share!

    Also, that windy opening beating up my eardrums almost made me stop listening. Sound quality through the rest was up to par though.

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